April 2017 Archive

“There are bugs you’ll just leave” - programmer Brett Douville on debugging Skyrim30 April 2017
Voting is now open for each country’s Overwatch World Cup Competition Committee 30 April 2017
Sloth racing game Slowdrive is now available on Steam - perfect for a Sunday drive30 April 2017
Worlds Adrift’s closed beta has been delayed by a few weeks, due to recent alpha feedback30 April 2017
Factorio’s new programmable speakers have resulted in giant musical meme machines30 April 2017
“It was more of—let’s put this in, and boom." Blizzard devs recount StarCraft's creation30 April 2017
Charming space adventure Lethis - Daring Discoverers crash lands on PC in May30 April 2017
Bethesda’s E3 invite hints at two new reveals during their press conference29 April 2017
Manic multiplayer Duck Game is free to play on Steam this weekend29 April 2017
Hearthstone’s Wild format is getting its first official tournament later this year29 April 2017
Does Nier: Automata just aim to titillate, or does it have something to say about sex?29 April 2017
Star Trek Online’s 13th season introduces new 5v5 War Games for competitive space captains29 April 2017
New Sea of Thieves developer gameplay has Phil Spencer being one vengeful pirate29 April 2017
Outlast 2 Will “Redefine Hillbilly Penis Horror”29 April 2017
Battlefield 1’s latest Easter Egg has a shark popping up on the Fort de Vaux map29 April 2017
Build a new life on Mars - Martian survival game Rokh comes to Steam Early Access on May 1629 April 2017
Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood benchmark tool released alongside pretty new trailer 28 April 2017
Brutal Doom is getting new guns, dual wielding, and the option to remove vertical axis aiming28 April 2017
Overwatch audio files suggest a space map could be coming28 April 2017
Heroes of the Storm loot boxes, the numbers behind them, and how they can be gamed28 April 2017
A pizza mod won the Superhot modding competition, taking home a $50,000 contract28 April 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, be victorious in Dawn of War III, cheat in Planet Coaster, and more!28 April 2017
Alien: Covenant VR experience, In Utero, lets you witness the birth of a horror icon28 April 2017
From mecha Hitler to nuclear Gandhi, we run down PC gaming’s worst political leaders28 April 2017
Loot box odds will be visible by law in China, but publishers don't want to talk about it yet28 April 2017
You're blind and this mansion is haunted - ex-Bioshock devs bring creepy Perception to PC28 April 2017
Win a key for Man O' War: Corsair! Engage in epic naval combat as you explore the oceans of Warhammer28 April 2017
Intel say AMD’s Ryzen had little impact on them... dropping CPU prices for larks then, eh?28 April 2017
AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB review: the first-gen Polaris GPU still stands up a year later28 April 2017
Create your own bizarre alien civilization with Galactic Civilizations 3: Crusade, coming May 428 April 2017
Expeditions: Viking out now - raid British monasteries (or be boring and trade) 28 April 2017
Strafe collector’s edition goes full ‘90s with pogs, floppy disks and its soundtrack on tape28 April 2017
Bastion's silent movie wins 'the Internet's highest honour'28 April 2017
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 airdashes onto Steam June 1, a day before Tekken 728 April 2017
Subnautica’s Silent Running update converts its Cyclops into a stealth sub28 April 2017
D.Va problem fixed: the mecha queen will no longer nuke your Overwatch client28 April 2017
Eagle dives and battering the pope: we recreate the five best moments of the Assassin’s Creed movie in the games28 April 2017
Abandon Ship's new combat trailer sees players battling both pirates and the weather28 April 2017
AMD apologise for stealth-dropping Quake Champions link and remove it from their drivers28 April 2017
Call of Duty: WW2’s new teaser site has fans cracking codes with a virtual Enigma machine28 April 2017
Pre-orders and system specs for hardcore FPS Rising Storm 2: Vietnam released28 April 2017
Half-Life is no longer censored in Germany, so barnacles don’t burp out screws27 April 2017
Colour in a monochrome world in de Blob, now on Steam27 April 2017
Sudden wins in Overwatch addressed in new patch: victory threshold raised to 33%27 April 2017
Logitech Spotlight: light up your Mass Effect: Andromeda game27 April 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War shows off the revamped Nemesis system, teases dragons27 April 2017
Kill demons as Motorhead’s Lemmy in Victor Vran Overkill Edition on May 3027 April 2017
Dawn of War 3 review27 April 2017
There’s a Prey demo out on consoles, but it's not coming to PC27 April 2017
Prey system requirements revealed27 April 2017
Here are all Jason's technicolour murder coats you can wear in Friday the 13th27 April 2017
New Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay trailer shows power of the Infinity Stones27 April 2017
Dawn of War 3 faction guide - how to dominate the battlefield with the Space Marines, Orks and Eldar27 April 2017
Armello’s Bandit Clan DLC is now available - go chop off heads as an axe-wielding badger27 April 2017
If Call of Duty: WW2 really wants to go back to its roots, that means making the campaign unmissable27 April 2017
PC gaming is actually good for you, we have (sort of) scientific proof27 April 2017
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is newbie-friendly, and that's great... for newbies27 April 2017
The Culling goes free to play this weekend, try out the combat rework and offline survival27 April 2017
See Dirt 4's first gameplay trailer - spoilers, a lot of cars get smashed up27 April 2017
Here's exactly when Dawn of War 3 unlocks in your area27 April 2017
“Unintentional religious references” force alterations to Street Fighter V’s Thailand stage27 April 2017
We got sent a skull in the mail because Dawn of War III is out27 April 2017
Crossfire releases loot box odds, first game to obey new Chinese online gaming laws27 April 2017
Ark: Survival Evolved patch delayed to May 3 so players can evacuate their volcano bases27 April 2017
Dead Rising 4 bombs and Resi 7 sells below expectations, yet Capcom's profits rise27 April 2017
Forza Horizon 3 goes up and over in wacky Hot Wheels expansion on May 926 April 2017
Elite: Dangerous players unravel a three-year-old mystery with discovery of derelict megaship26 April 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 is an opportunity to freshen up the series’ multiplayer map designs - but will Sledgehammer take it?26 April 2017
No, Alien: Isolation 2 isn’t in the works26 April 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 mods - what we want to see26 April 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 is putting COD’s boots back on the ground on November 326 April 2017
See COD go back to its blood-soaked roots in the Call of Duty: WW2 gameplay trailer26 April 2017
id working on a new game engine which will “consume all the CPU Ryzen can offer.”26 April 2017
Quake Champions' new map, Ruins of Sarnath, has a massive, sentient eyeball in the center26 April 2017
Overwatch This episode 29: Six new maps and Heroes tie-ins26 April 2017
Win a key for Scanner Sombre, the new game from Prison Architect devs Introversion26 April 2017
Turns out you can drive the go-karts in Planet Coaster using these secret cheat codes26 April 2017
Get caught in the rain (while killing rats) in Vermintide's Stromdorf DLC26 April 2017
Play medieval sim-MMO Life is Feudal in beta today - dive into the world with a new video26 April 2017
Are a million sales enough for a Nier remaster? Producer says they're "considering all options"26 April 2017
Dawn of War 3 units - all the confirmed and rumoured units so far26 April 2017
Creator of DDOS service jailed for 2 years; wanted "status among gaming community"26 April 2017
No more paying for viewers on Twitch: streaming site shuts down bot-maker in court26 April 2017
Get a goodie bundle for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. We've got 10,000 more codes up for grabs!26 April 2017
Intel Core i5 7600K review: Kaby Lake’s overclocking hero and best hope for gaming26 April 2017
Sonic Forces shows off classic Sonic gameplay in a revamped Green Hill Zone25 April 2017
Battlefield 1 and how to treat war with respect in videogames25 April 2017
It’s time to don the cowl - Batman: Arkham VR is now live on Steam, alongside Batsale25 April 2017
X-COM’s original creator is crowdfunding a spiritual sequel called Phoenix Point25 April 2017
New hero to be revealed in Heroes of the Storm 2.0 launch stream - watch it here25 April 2017
See Chris Redfield uppercut Rocket Raccoon - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is out Sept 19 25 April 2017
Win a key for the Aquanox Deep Descent closed multiplayer beta! Dive into fierce battles in a dystopian ocean world25 April 2017
Capcom apologise for delaying Resident Evil 7's Not A Hero DLC, mention new DLC25 April 2017
Stream PC games to any device with a browser, including consoles or tablets, with Rainway25 April 2017
Battlefield 1 gets platoons and new guns in spring update, private servers coming soon25 April 2017
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's multiplayer mode delayed until Q3 so as "not to dilute" the game25 April 2017
Hunt, upgrade and match new gear in Middle-earth: Shadow of War - here's how25 April 2017
Genji and Hanamura come to Heroes of the Storm today - here's what they're like to play25 April 2017
Shoot the Nazi nuclear project in the balls in Sniper Elite 4's new Deathstorm: part 2 DLC25 April 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets bug fixes and custom games for streaming partners25 April 2017
Videogame websites like this are leading kids to commit cyber crime, says research24 April 2017
Digital sales account for 69% of the industry, and 2015 was bigger than we thought24 April 2017
Anime-inspired visual novel Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness launches on Steam24 April 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: channelling a beloved 3D platformer with Yooka-Laylee 24 April 2017
Overwatch pro dropped by Toronto Esports for racist rant, Twitch channel suspended24 April 2017
Outlast 2 wants to do terrible things to your crotch, but that isn't the problem24 April 2017
Three new 'standard' Overwatch maps will hopefully out by the end of 201724 April 2017
Stardew Valley is now playable in Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and more24 April 2017
Bayonetta's 22KB patch added a Vanquish avatar to the 'extras' folder - port confirmed?24 April 2017
Forget Half-Life 2, man of good taste Simon Miller is here to reveal the real best games ever made24 April 2017
Learn astronomy while playing Odssey, a new Myst-like that's out now on Steam24 April 2017
Fight Square Enix's CEO in Nier: Automata when the first DLC releases on May 224 April 2017
Scanner Sombre is the claustrophobic new game by the Prison Architects, out Wednesday24 April 2017
Watch us play Dawn of War 3's campaign, live and on hard24 April 2017
IG, Virtus.pro and TNC among first-round winners in Dota 2's Kiev Major group stage24 April 2017
Heroes of the Storm 2.0 releases April 25 - here's everything it's changing and adding24 April 2017
Blizzard are making a new mobile game, suggests job ad24 April 2017
Making it in Unreal: Empathy devs on how to draw a foggy memory24 April 2017
GDDR6 introduction may hint at a 2018 release for the Nvidia Volta consumer cards24 April 2017
Triple-A game development is in a “really, really weird spot”, says Cliff Bleszinski23 April 2017
Ready at Dawn’s Deformers is out now on Steam, but is suffering major server problems23 April 2017
Red Dead Redemption map mod for GTA V has been cancelled, following a takedown notice23 April 2017
Simulate and explore an entire universe with Everything, now available on Steam23 April 2017
Show off your sledding skills dressed as a T-Rex, when Steep’s Winterfest DLC launches May 323 April 2017
AMD's Radeon RX 580 and RX 570 cards are here - higher clocks and not much more23 April 2017
Maia update 0.61 trains colonists in first aid and stops door-related panic attacks23 April 2017
PTS patch 1.6.1 for The Division adds the long awaited Loadouts feature23 April 2017
Give Talos I a spring clean: new Prey trailer shows off the power of the Recycler23 April 2017
Listen to Brian Blessed bellow over this Battle Mode trailer for Micro Machines World Series23 April 2017
‘Roguevania’ Dead Cells comes to Steam Early Access on May 1022 April 2017
Expeditions: Conquistador is free this weekend, to mark Expeditions: Viking’s April 27 launch22 April 2017
Two Worlds 2’s Call of the Tenebrae expansion launches May 2522 April 2017
The prologue for post-apocalyptic RPG ELEX shows life following a comet impact22 April 2017
N++’s free Ultimate Edition update doubles its level count and adds Hardcore mode22 April 2017
Paragon’s next hero is Revenant, a bounty hunter packing some otherworldly heat22 April 2017
Bloody up that hockey mask when Friday the 13th: The Game bursts onto Steam on May 2622 April 2017
Watch Talion brutalize some orcs in this skill tree spotlight for Middle Earth: Shadow of War22 April 2017
Dark Souls 3: The Fires Fades Edition is now available, completing the Dark Souls trilogy22 April 2017
Bug (technical, not alien) delays Halo Wars 2's Colony DLC - unit would've had infinite range21 April 2017
Indies to G2A: you can fix this, “just stop being shit”21 April 2017
A 23 year-old game studio are growing faster than 100s of startups: CD Projekt21 April 2017
FIFA 17 now available on Origin Access, Command & Conquer series coming soon21 April 2017
Lucio Ball in winter: Overwatch's seasonal events may become custom games in the future21 April 2017
Twitch to launch ‘Affiliates’ programme to help smaller streamers out21 April 2017
Call of Duty: WWII confirmed - full reveal on Wednesday21 April 2017
Health packs coming to Overwatch custom games, elimination sudden death to be tweaked21 April 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game key, play Dawn of War 3, overclock your CPU, and more! 21 April 2017
Feel the fear as we revisit the 10 hardest bosses in PC gaming21 April 2017
Rick and Morty's VR game is out now - watch them watch their own trailer21 April 2017
Here’s exactly what time you can play the Dawn of War 3 beta21 April 2017
AMD: “Fallout 4 VR will be groundbreaking." HTC: “Not everything starts and ends with Fallout 4”21 April 2017
A Korean political candidate has released two StarCraft maps for their campaign21 April 2017
How Prey 2 became Prey21 April 2017
Peek over the back of your sofa and watch Outlast 2’s launch trailer 21 April 2017
Dawn of War 3 is out next week - here's a launch trailer with lots of shattered glass21 April 2017
Seamless vehicle transitions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will only be for certain vehicles21 April 2017
Frontier to release an Elite: Dangerous patch in May to squash bugs caused by Commanders 21 April 2017
Digging deeper into Steel Division: Normandy 44's smart and organic stress mechanic21 April 2017
Jonathan Blow shows off Sokoban-style, box-pushing game prototype21 April 2017
League of Legends banned in snooker pro's house after it ballsed up his career21 April 2017
Philips BDM4037UW review: a 40-inch panel that comes close to 4K gaming greatness 21 April 2017
Dota 2 players must soon register a unique phone number to their accounts to play Ranked20 April 2017
Football Manager 2017: bargains to strengthen a top-flight team20 April 2017
Log into HotS between April 25 and May 22 to get 20 free heroes in a Mega Bundle20 April 2017
Esports are being added to the Asian Games Schedule 2022 as an official medal event20 April 2017
A free-to-play version of Rocket League is heading to China20 April 2017
Regret your words and deeds in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - episode 4 on April 2520 April 2017
Terraria 1.3.5 adds support for 4K resolutions, as well as new language localisations20 April 2017
Boaty le BoatFace: World of Warships gets French cruisers20 April 2017
Classic Grand Theft Auto comes to GTA Online in the top-down Tiny Racers mode on April 2520 April 2017
Win a key for Steam Hammer! Delve into an alternate Victorian reality and build your own airship. I say, old chap!20 April 2017
A man in an exosuit ducks, dives and dodges giant robots in The Surge's combat trailer20 April 2017
Sunless Skies development roadmap published, suggests mid-August early access release20 April 2017
Twitch confirm $10 and $25 sub tiers, and you'll soon be able to gift subs to friends20 April 2017
Riot owners Tencent get exclusive Chinese rights to Rocket League and other hit games20 April 2017
Assassin's Creed creator's Ancestors is no longer episodic, has sabretooth tigers20 April 2017
Code Vein is a "challenging ARPG" with "monstrous bosses" and blood-fuelled powers20 April 2017
Saints Row 4 is $5 on DRM-free store GOG - get Saints Row 2 free for 48 hours20 April 2017
Intel panic-releasing the X299 platform because of an unannounced AMD system20 April 2017
Watch this speedrunner finish a pacifist run of Diablo 2 in under eight hours19 April 2017
Palmer Luckey allegedly sent Donald Trump $100,000 for his inauguration 19 April 2017
Bose headsets secretly spy on users, alleges lawsuit19 April 2017
Glaz buffed, Montagne nerfed - Ubisoft tweak Operators in Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.1.319 April 2017
The source code for Dwarf Fortress will go to a museum when its creator dies19 April 2017
Outlast 2 system requirements revealed19 April 2017
Overwatch This episode 28: how Blizzard create the story of Overwatch19 April 2017
Pixelbator is a VR game about self-pleasure while avoiding being caught by your nan19 April 2017
Confession: I used to play CS:GO using a trackpad19 April 2017
China's pro LoL server gives players 1,000 LP per win19 April 2017
LoL's Dark Star game mode is a big sumo brawl between six Threshes19 April 2017
Tour the "amazing sandbox" that is the Talos I space station in latest Prey trailer19 April 2017
The Dawn of War 3 devs walk you through the grim darkness of a multiplayer match19 April 2017
Narco Road is Ghost Recon Wildlands' first DLC, here's a trailer with silly monster trucks19 April 2017
The original StarCraft is now free, and has had its first patch in eight years19 April 2017
Endless Space 2: release date, system requirements, factions, multiplayer - everything we know19 April 2017
Ubisoft add 100 staff at two new studios, Berlin office to work on "unannounced project"19 April 2017
Competitive martial arts RPG Absolver beta signups now available19 April 2017
Legally deaf-blind CS:GO player Loop offered pro streamer contract after community support19 April 2017
League of Legends' huge Midseason patch finally brings tank changes to the PBE19 April 2017
Reaper's "it's in the refrigerator" Overwatch voice line could have been "the jello is jiggling"18 April 2017
Titanfall 2’s free A Glitch in the Frontier DLC releases on April 2518 April 2017
"He’s a really nice guy" - Overwatch lead story person Michael Chu met Terry Crews18 April 2017
“He's an arrogant motherf****r” - Metro 2033 writer hits out at The Witcher novel scribe18 April 2017
Shipping in Overwatch is “not a particularly strong focus”, says lead writer Michael Chu18 April 2017
League of Legends patch 7.818 April 2017
Be a tree-hugging wizard as the new Warden class in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind18 April 2017
Tencent to launch global digital games platform to rival Steam, called WeGame18 April 2017
Remain indoors - GTA 5 is helping to train the AI in driverless cars18 April 2017
Win a key for the Mirage: Arcane Warfare beta! Melee or magic, how will you fight?18 April 2017
People behind Battlefront's X-Wing VR mission making "something awesome" for the sequel18 April 2017
Treeman establishes own name in Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy episode 1 trailer18 April 2017
Get into Star Wars Battlefront 2 over a week early on Origin Access18 April 2017
The makers of card battler Duelyst are working on a triple-A action game inspired by Dark Souls18 April 2017
Say goodbye to the little blue box: League of Legends' legacy client is retired18 April 2017
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is coming to Steam on April 2017 April 2017
The hard-boiled Simon Miller takes the Xbox Scorpio to task - it’s just a rubbish PC, right?17 April 2017
Free Watch Dogs 2 update is out today, adding more PvP options and paintball guns17 April 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign is penned by Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams17 April 2017
League of Legends design lead Greg Street discusses how to balance an esport16 April 2017
Sandbox RPG Steam Hammer opens beta access for eager steampunks16 April 2017
Battalion 1944 is a classic shooter, “not a World War Two game”: hands-on and interview16 April 2017
Break the cycle of reincarnation with the help of a talking fox in the relaxing The Wild Eternal16 April 2017
Body-swapping roguelike MidBoss possesses Steam on May 2316 April 2017
Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades discusses a middle ground between indie and triple-A16 April 2017
Solve puzzles while being chased by masked clones of yourself, in horror puzzler Echoplex16 April 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases November 17, complete with its own single-player campaign16 April 2017
Legend of Grimrock designers announce Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest15 April 2017
Old-school RPG Tanzia casts its spell on Steam Early Access on April 2715 April 2017
Ashes of the Singularity’s Inception DLC is out now, adding four maps and a ‘split-scenario’15 April 2017
Roly-poly roguelike TumbleSeed gambols onto Steam on May 215 April 2017
Everspace gets its last Steam Early Access update ahead of its May 26 launch15 April 2017
Shadow of War's improved Nemesis system will find out where you live and kill you in your sleep15 April 2017
Immersive space sim HEVN has players acting as both space mechanic and cosmic detective15 April 2017
Two new classes, an raised level cap and more are coming in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood 15 April 2017
Star Citizen’s 3.0.0 alpha release is scheduled for June 2915 April 2017
Mr. Shifty is Hotline Miami with teleporting-powered face punching14 April 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, play Overwatch’s new mode, get excited for Prey, and more! 14 April 2017
7 times the games industry lied to us, a video exposé14 April 2017
Win a key for FlatOut 4: Total Insanity! High-speed destruction, carnage, collisions... oh yeah, and racing14 April 2017
Star Citizen Around the Verse video shows off the hulking Javelin capital ship14 April 2017
Life is Feudal: MMO trailer shows a player’s first five hours in the medieval sandbox14 April 2017
Prey is a game about defying the gamer's expectations - here are five ways it does it14 April 2017
Watch heads explode like melons in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s ‘Dangerous’ trailer14 April 2017
Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty comes to GTA 5 in bizarre mod14 April 2017
Hidden gems of PC gaming - Aliens: Colonial Marines14 April 2017
Blimps come to Cities: Skylines in the Mass Transit expansion on May 1814 April 2017
Endless Space and all its DLC is currently on sale for $114 April 2017
Dear Esther devs The Chinese Room aren’t happy about the current digital refund system14 April 2017
Capcom see Resident Evil 7 as the start of a new series - plans for Resi 8 are underway13 April 2017
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds devs will fix lag issues and battle cheaters13 April 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: maximize your experience with Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC13 April 2017
Arma 3’s Jets DLC releases on May 16, along with a free aircraft carrier for all13 April 2017
Two new maps, two Live Fire arenas, and a new Titan are coming to Titanfall 2 free13 April 2017
League of Legends animated short introduces Rakan and Xayah as stylishly as possible13 April 2017
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is $15.99 in Steam’s Lego sale13 April 2017
Watch Dogs 2's next free update hugely outshines the upcoming No Compromise DLC13 April 2017
Nathan Constance steals the show as Warboss Gorgutz ‘Ead’unter in Dawn of War 3 VO trailer13 April 2017
Win a key for Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven - it's time to go for the Golden Era!13 April 2017
Endless Space 2 leaves early access on May 19, get the original on Steam for £1 until Monday13 April 2017
LoL team fined $5,300 for breaching contract, but players say they were put in danger13 April 2017
If you miss old school PC games, Prey is worth your attention13 April 2017
Pharah's German voice actress replaced in Overwatch update, finds out when fans tell her13 April 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's Hong Kong operators may be named Caltrop and Dazzler13 April 2017
The Negev is added to competitive CS:GO for just $2K, community reacts with mild interest13 April 2017
Arena brawler Battlerite is free to try until April 1613 April 2017
Gears of War 4 to receive ranked crossplay between PC and Xbox One later this year12 April 2017
Football Manager 2017: great players to sign on a free transfer12 April 2017
Frostpunk’s latest trailer shows that arctic survival is snow-joke12 April 2017
Microsoft now offer self-service refunds for games and apps bought on the Microsoft Store12 April 2017
Offworld Trading Company’s first expansion, Jupiter’s Forge, makes resources finite12 April 2017
SOMA gets Tobii eye-tracking support, just in case it wasn’t terrifying enough12 April 2017
Project CARS 2's rallycross events don't steal the show, but prove a worthy addition12 April 2017
Overwatch This episode 27: Uprising event, patch 1.10 and when we'll see 1.1112 April 2017
Fallout 4 in VR will be an "industry changer", say AMD12 April 2017
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition now on GOG, classic D&D RPGs on sale to celebrate12 April 2017
In the age of shareable gaming, every open-world game should have a photo mode12 April 2017
AMD bets big buying into wireless VR: “you can count on those cables being gone.”12 April 2017
Mind-Worm mount unearthed by World of Warcraft's secret hunters after two weeks12 April 2017
Ubisoft may change two-second timer for defenders outside in Rainbow Six Siege12 April 2017
Blow up some corpses as Diablo 3's Necromancer - if you're invited to the beta12 April 2017
Unlucky loss streaks won't tank your skill rating so hard after Overwatch matchmaking changes12 April 2017
World of Warcraft patch 7.2.5: Black Temple Timewalking, Chromie's back, class tweaks12 April 2017
Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer suggests campaign will star Imperial pilot heroine12 April 2017
Overwatch patch 1.10 notes - massive Lucio changes and Assault map fixes11 April 2017
Star Wars: KotOR prototype may not get made, but something Star Wars is coming, says leaker11 April 2017
Keys scammed by email are legit "because they come from the developers", say G2A11 April 2017
Overwatch Uprising skins, event and videos11 April 2017
German authority rules that streamers require a 10,000€ broadcasting license11 April 2017
Following the closure of their Brighton office, Riot Games are opening one in London11 April 2017
Overwatch Uprising event is now live11 April 2017
Win a key for Stellaris: Utopia! Build the ultimate interstellar empire and create the perfect society. 11 April 2017
UK man charged with swatting a US streamer, getting him shot in the face with rubber bullets11 April 2017
PC finally gets Bayonetta, runs at locked 60 fps on a GTX 1060 11 April 2017
CS:GO presentation confirms next operation in summer, Source 2, and AI cheat detection11 April 2017
Heroes of Newerth devs bring you Brawl of Ages, a collectible card arena game11 April 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda concept art shows cut alien designs and a brunette Cora in N7 gear11 April 2017
Make a little version of yourself in Elite: Dangerous as Commanders update goes live11 April 2017
Tell the Inquisitor where to get off in this new Dawn of War 3 story trailer11 April 2017
AMD's Ryzen 5 CPUs are here. Intel's i5 chips need to watch out...11 April 2017
Feature-length Runescape documentary gets Zezima on camera, celebrates 15 years of MMO10 April 2017
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass holders are getting a new nighttime map called Nivelle Nights10 April 2017
New Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay footage shows Minas Ithil under siege10 April 2017
G2A say they're already doing everything Gearbox demanded10 April 2017
Watch us defeat P.A.X. - the first boss in The Surge, not the games convention10 April 2017
The Elder Scrolls Online is free-to-play from April 11-1810 April 2017
Dawn of War III's multiplayer beta keeps elite units in the spotlight10 April 2017
When comedian Danny Wallace met nerd-hating truthsayer Simon Miller10 April 2017
We chat about ECS's move from Twitch to YouTube for season 3 with Faceit's COO10 April 2017
CS:GO launches in China in under 24 hours, will contend with local favourite Crossfire10 April 2017
StarCraft II's lead designer is third big name to move to unannounced Blizzard projects10 April 2017
Minecraft Marketplace brings all those Java version mods to Windows 10 Edition - for a price10 April 2017
A combat primer for The Surge: how it works, boss fights and lopping off limbs10 April 2017
NiP CEO "not allowed to talk about" Overwatch League, but team is "committed" to the game10 April 2017
Making it in Unreal: immersive sims meet mechs in Steel Hunters10 April 2017
Last Mass Effect: Andromeda patch updated its Denuvo - pirates now stuck with tired faces10 April 2017
UT Arlington win Heroes of the Dorm (and free tuition), exorcising last year's demons10 April 2017
Eve Online gets an new opening cinematic, showing the birth of a capsuleer9 April 2017
Oh My Godheads announces its arrival on Steam Early Access with this musical trailer9 April 2017
How has free-to-play changed Eve Online? Behind the ambitious plans to train newbies for nullsec9 April 2017
Form your own ninja squad for 4v4 team battles in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker9 April 2017
Prepare the grog for April 19, when Man o’ War: Corsair leaves Steam Early Access9 April 2017
Both Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment are now available on Steam9 April 2017
Skins for the upcoming April Overwatch event may have leaked via Xbox Live9 April 2017
The War of Iokath update for Star Wars: The Old Republic launches April 119 April 2017
One for XCOM fans - squad-based strategy game Shock Tactics releases April 119 April 2017
Battlefield 1 is switching to monthly content updates, starting in May9 April 2017
Learn about your party’s abilities in this new trailer for Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom8 April 2017
Rain World’s first patch fixes several design oversights, like slugcat’s tiny lung capacity8 April 2017
Long-time CS:GO players can now buy a physical Five Year Veteran coin8 April 2017
Space adventure Widower’s Sky combines survival mechanics with paternal duty8 April 2017
Trails in the Sky the 3rd is coming to PC on May 3, with Trails of Cold Steel I and II to follow8 April 2017
Twitch Marketplace Announces ‘Garage Sale’ Expansion: Buy Items From Your Streamer’s Home In Real Time8 April 2017
Besiege’s upcoming Multiverse update combines multiplayer with map creation8 April 2017
Does the 'co-op rule' make Ghost Recon Wildlands a better game?8 April 2017
Meet Sparc - the ball sport follow-up to Eve: Valkyrie that's as physical as VR gets8 April 2017
Gaming TV show Go 8 Bit gets a second series and its own spin-off, titled Go 8 Bit DLC8 April 2017
The University of Utah plan to offer esports scholarships for prospective students8 April 2017
Darkest Dungeon goes 50% off this weekend to mark its Steam Workshop release8 April 2017
Creative director of Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 4, Alex Hutchinson, forms Typhoon Studios7 April 2017
Ex EA executive Peter Moore once told Sonic creator Yuji Naka to “f*** off” 7 April 2017
Anime shoot-’em-up malware holds your files at ransom until you can beat the high score7 April 2017
EA to invest $500 million, creating 500 new jobs in Quebec over the next ten years7 April 2017
Ship of Heroes Kickstarter cancelled, but development will continue7 April 2017
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Sonic’s evolution “hasn’t necessarily worked”, say Sega7 April 2017
Get Deus Ex: Revision free and Deus Ex: GOTY for $2.50 on GOG7 April 2017
Google's chief game designer quits as opportunities "failed to materialise"7 April 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2 dev diary confirms you can play the same race in co-op campaign7 April 2017
Hellblade devs Ninja Theory are working on four different projects7 April 2017
Win a key for the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III multiplayer beta! Return to battle on an epic scale7 April 2017
Football Manager 2017: wonderkids to buy for your team6 April 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: 5 things to know about Ghost Recon Wildlands6 April 2017
Inside wins big at the BAFTA Awards, while Overwatch takes home best Multiplayer6 April 2017
CD Projekt Red address trademark of the word “Cyberpunk”, say there's no “evil plan”6 April 2017
Nvidia driver 381.65 gets you ready for Quake Champions and paves way for the Titan Xp6 April 2017
All the Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro cards6 April 2017
Conan Exiles update 24 adds a new dungeon in some zombie-filled sewers 6 April 2017
Inside (and underneath) the inner-atmosphere combat of Eve: Valkyrie's game-changing Groundrush mode6 April 2017
Two new Dawn of War 3 multiplayer trailers get you ready for WAAAAGH!6 April 2017
The Founder’s Packs in Dauntless guarantee you access to the alpha and beta6 April 2017
Microsoft don't need AMD's Vega or Ryzen tech to make Project Scorpio a 4K success6 April 2017
Fight off acidic sandworms and infectious spores in Aven Colony - new trailer here6 April 2017
Nvidia have just launched the new $1,200 Titan Xp on the full-fat GP102 GPU6 April 2017
How Kingdom Come: Deliverance's blockbuster cutscenes are being brought to life6 April 2017
A definitive ranking of all the Mass Effect games, from worst to best6 April 2017
Sci-fi MOBA Fractured Space gets a tighter map and more action in new update, now live6 April 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition releases tomorrow and it's great, but where's the original?6 April 2017
Take a look at The Surge's dismemberment-based loot system in this new trailer6 April 2017
State of Decay 2 will have three maps at launch, you can carry resources between them all6 April 2017
Combat racer Grip gets multiplayer and 20% discount - race your mates while upside-down6 April 2017
Quake 3 Arena's Slash gains an explosive new skill in Quake Champions6 April 2017
Apollo’s Racer Rumble, a Mario Kart-style minigame for Smite, is live from April 11 - May 95 April 2017
EA Play, the publisher's own mini E3, returns on June 10 at 12pm PST5 April 2017
Overwatch Uprising comic shows Tracer as a cadet, and how she got one of her catchphrases5 April 2017
Dark Souls 3 patch 1.32 rebalances the Ringed City DLC, nerfing angels and a boss5 April 2017
Overwatch’s 25th hero is “very far along in development”5 April 2017
Dawn of War 3’s open beta runs April 21-24 and you can sign up now5 April 2017
GTA Online's new Infernus sports car has been fixed by Rockstar's mechanics 5 April 2017
Gaming Monitorgasm: Samsung go MEGA-WIDE and Asus want to burn out your retina5 April 2017
Overwatch This special: the big Jeff Kaplan interview5 April 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda cracked in less than two weeks despite Denuvo and Origin5 April 2017
Activision want to make a Call of Duty cinematic universe, first movie could land next year5 April 2017
Terraria: Otherworld is handed to a new studio after development issues continue5 April 2017
Help run PCGamesN! We're looking for a Deputy Editor to join the team5 April 2017
Play up to five VR games for $6.99 a month with HTC's Viveport service, launching today5 April 2017
Hearthstone players: make sure you log in today for free golden Volcanosaur5 April 2017
PCGamesN are hiring a Production Editor to join our editorial team - apply now!5 April 2017
Humble celebrate Bafta nominees (and strategy games) with a sale - get all of Hitman for $305 April 2017
During early development Overwatch had a hero that was just a cat in a jetpack4 April 2017
Watch a blind Street Fighter 5 player win a tournament match by ear4 April 2017
You can now buy games via Twitch streams, with 5% of the purchase going to the streamer4 April 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: What You Should Know About Mass Effect: Andromeda4 April 2017
Quake Champions shows off two minutes of raw gameplay footage in frag-happy trailer4 April 2017
Two new Champions, Rakan and Xayah, join the League of Legends PBE4 April 2017
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Continuum DLC adds disco zombies, a reimagined Rust, more4 April 2017
League of Legends patch 7.74 April 2017
Dark Souls 3 and Dishonored 2 are currently 50% off on Steam4 April 2017
Next Overwatch comic due “sooner than Soon™” and is the “best yet” says Jeff Kaplan4 April 2017
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Cheat makers Bossland ordered to pay Blizzard $8.6 million for copyright infringement4 April 2017
Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is awesome. It means finally everyone’s a PC gamer4 April 2017
The Banner Saga Tactics? Stoic want "something competitive" and "mechanically driven" next4 April 2017
Destiny 2 Osiris and Rasputin expansions due in winter and spring according to leak4 April 2017
Leaked Harpy and Phoenix may be League of Legends' next champion, according to Riot tease4 April 2017
Help Valve sift through Steam for nuggets of indie gold: become a Steam Explorer4 April 2017
Bulletstorm sequel is possible if Full Clip Edition does well (but more Duke Nukem unlikely)4 April 2017
The 3D platforming revival continues with Skylar & Plux on May 193 April 2017
Diego Maradona threatens to sue Konami for using his likeness in PES 20173 April 2017
Be a weapon - see the nanosuit from Crysis crunch through Los Santos in this GTA 5 mod 3 April 2017
Battleborn is the only videogame sold at Five Below, a retailer where everything’s under $53 April 2017
Overwatch countdown timer points at possible Omnic event or a new cinematic 3 April 2017
Dungeon Keeper successor War for the Overworld adds new sandbox game mode3 April 2017
DayZ's Dean Hall on varied berries vs taming dinosaurs, and the survival genre in 20173 April 2017
Stellaris: Utopia dev diary details Ascension end game-goals, megastructures, and more3 April 2017
Dishonored 2 gets a free trial - stab (or not) your way through the first three missions3 April 2017
The survival genre is killing PC gaming, so says hater of PC gaming Simon Miller3 April 2017
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 review: a bargain-priced 8-core that just needs some overclocked lovin'3 April 2017
Batman: Arkham VR is coming to PC on Bat-Oculus Rift and Bat-Vive devices3 April 2017
Paradigm is a point-and-click adventure featuring a candy-vomiting sloth3 April 2017
Agents of Mayhem wears a hero shooter costume, but it's still Saints Row underneath3 April 2017
Play as Juno and lead a caravan without a banner in The Banner Saga 33 April 2017
Resident Evil 4 HD mod project brings its texture magic to Salazar’s castle3 April 2017
How, why, and when VR will fail3 April 2017
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Making it in Unreal: the bright ideas behind Styx: Shards of Darkness3 April 2017
Agents of Mayhem's trailer ram-raids a skyscraper with a jeep to an '80s soundtrack3 April 2017
Peter Molyneux doesn't want to talk about his next game, Legacy3 April 2017
You can't get the rifle in Mass Effect: Andromeda's trailers, but Bioware may add it in3 April 2017
Take a peek at the Alpine Skyline, A Hat in Time’s mountainous fourth world2 April 2017
Geneshift promises multiplayer vehicular mayhem when it launches on April 272 April 2017
They’re finally here, performing for you - Playtonic unveil the Yooka-Laylee rap2 April 2017
Diablo III’s tenth season brings in new Class Sets and old seasonal Conquests2 April 2017
Duels, skirmishes and mounted warfare all feature in Mordhau’s latest combat trailer2 April 2017
Knuckle Sandwich has players balancing a dead end job with investigating a fanatical cult2 April 2017
Joining Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause, We Happy Few is getting a film adaptation2 April 2017
Running from April 6 to 10, Offworld Industries are hosting a free weekend for Squad2 April 2017
Delayed until autumn, Bigben Games release a new trailer for Outcast - Second Contact2 April 2017
April Fools 2017: all the gags from around the gaming world1 April 2017
Dark Souls 3 player speedruns their own life, dies1 April 2017
With an Overwatch tournament on April 8, Blizzard open the doors of its Taipei eStadium1 April 2017
GOG host a huge adventure game sale this weekend, including LucasArts and Telltale titles1 April 2017
Summon the rage of the swarm when the terrifying Morigesh joins Paragon on April 41 April 2017
Patch 256 for Ark: Survival Evolved adds undersea bases, new creatures and more1 April 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda animation lead confesses: "This one does not understand your human mouths"1 April 2017
The Fate of the Furious’ Dodge Ice Charger comes to Rocket League on April 41 April 2017
Dauntless allows players to increase material drop rates with boosts from its in-game store1 April 2017
Bayonetta may be sashaying onto Steam on April 11, according to Sega countdown site1 April 2017
Nvidia and AMD come clean: “We make one graphics card and then just paint it red or green”1 April 2017