May 2014 Archive

Liberated: GSC Game World ditches GameSpy in all STALKER games31 May 2014
Nosgoth update unveils the Prophet: a dual wielding pistol crusader31 May 2014
Bulletstorm returns to Steam; still shackled to GFWL31 May 2014
Ben Foster to play prophet Medivh in Warcraft movie31 May 2014
Buckle up: WildStar head start has begun31 May 2014
Another comic reboot: Marvel Heroes to become Marvel Heroes 2015 on July 4th31 May 2014
Take-Two CEO makes Red Dead Redemption sequel seem like a given, but will it come to PC?30 May 2014
Horde or Alliance: Azeroth Choppers wants you to choose your ride 30 May 2014
Elite: Dangerous premium beta launches; start selling your worldly possessions 30 May 2014
Rise again: Classic RTS Rise of Nations coming to Steam with new features30 May 2014
Magicka: Wizard Wars has had some open beta launch problems, but they're being dispelled30 May 2014
Battlefield Hardline available to pre-order; actual game details won't be available until June 9th30 May 2014
CD Projekt RED to stream "unseen" gameplay of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt30 May 2014
Mysterious: cryptic Ubisoft video leak hints at "Hero" UPDATED: original videos removed30 May 2014
Rudo Resurrection - a side scrolling beat 'em up featuring real world wrestlers30 May 2014
PC patch in the works for Watch Dogs; "supporting PC is an incredibly complex task"30 May 2014
Real: watch the first match in the new Unreal Tournament30 May 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order PC review30 May 2014
Dog fighting: Nvidia and AMD clash over Watch Dogs and GameWorks29 May 2014
Tropico 5 retail version delayed until June 17th; Penultimo likely to blame29 May 2014
Veteran MMO developer Mythic Entertainment shut down by EA29 May 2014
The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep's Clothing PC review29 May 2014
Stop the music: Chroma will undergo "substantial retooling" after alpha ends on June 4th29 May 2014
Renaissance bling: Europa Universalis IV's Wealth of Nations expansion is out now29 May 2014
Extra value: Riot wants to start a dialogue with League of Legends players29 May 2014
Gotcha: Arma 3 Karts April Fools' Day gag becomes real DLC29 May 2014
Porting to iOS has made handheld Hearthstone a "significant undertaking"29 May 2014
Finally, actual dogs: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot now swaddled in Watch Dogs gear29 May 2014
Elite: Dangerous with voice commands is cooler than a Sidewinder in silent running mode29 May 2014
Relic pluck Dawn of War games from the maws of Gamespy and Games for Windows Live29 May 2014
Battlefield Hardline doesn't mean DICE will stop work on Battlefield 429 May 2014
Call off the dogfight: Star Citizen's Arena Commander module has been delayed29 May 2014
The world likes Call of Duty because it’s "believable and relatable", say Sledgehammer29 May 2014
Battlefield Hardline footage leaked so far is six months old - Visceral will show "real deal" at E329 May 2014
Top dog: Watch Dogs breaks Ubisoft record for first day sales28 May 2014
Battlefield Free: EA knocks Battlefield 3's price down to zero28 May 2014
Agent 47 is sticking to the shadows, so Hitman won't be at E3; have some concept art to tide you over28 May 2014
Renewed: Guild Wars 2's second season begins on July 1st28 May 2014
You can now pick up the CryEngine when you're shopping for games on Steam28 May 2014
Rome could be built in a day: The Sims 4 build mode revealed28 May 2014
ZeniMax's legal battle won't stop Bethesda from considering games for the Oculus Rift28 May 2014
What Dunwall's designer did next: Bethesda-backed multiplayer arena battler Battlecry28 May 2014
Tangiers trailer puts the argh into avant-garde stealth28 May 2014
During Maidan: how Ukraine's developers and gamers risked their lives in a revolution28 May 2014
Welcome to the jungle: Riot Games' house metal band are releasing an album28 May 2014
Battlefield Hardline footage vows "more open" environments in single player, place-anywhere ziplines in multiplayer28 May 2014
[Get Ready] Super Smash Bros. Source isn't a thing, but this trailer will make you wish it was28 May 2014
Steam Machines delayed into 2015 - but controller will be "a lot better" for it28 May 2014
Visceral have made a game named Battlefield Hardline, about particularly shooty policemen28 May 2014
Slap your eyes on 15 minutes of lunar murder in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 28 May 2014
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is migrating from GFWL to Steam, absent all DLC27 May 2014
Sacred 3 is ready, says Deep Silver; release brought forward to August 1st27 May 2014
Heroes of the Storm vs. Plants vs. Zombies27 May 2014
Battlefield 4 falls further as microtransactions appear27 May 2014
Port Inspection - Watch Dogs27 May 2014
Magicka: Wizard Wars enters open beta; celebrates by forcing wizards to kill each other underground27 May 2014
The Evil Within will have to remain there for just a little while longer, till October 2127 May 2014
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham pits Batman, Superman, all DC against Brainiac. In SPACE27 May 2014
SWAT's going on 'ere, then: Battlelog update unearths references to rumoured cop-themed Battlefield: Hardline27 May 2014
Brian Fargo doesn't believe in Kickstarter fatigue - but devs have to be "filling a niche"27 May 2014
Warcraft the movie has wrapped - but won't be out until 201627 May 2014
Blizzard reportedly planning paid beta access for Heroes of the Storm27 May 2014
NVIDIA launches GeForce 337.88 drivers, AMD launches Catalyst 14.6, all for Watch_Dogs27 May 2014
History in the making: Andrew Groen's Eve Online chronicle funded seven times over27 May 2014
Ten players, one champion: Riot introduce League of Legends' One for All: Mirror Mode27 May 2014
Tropico 5 review26 May 2014
Final Fantasy III coming to Steam following success of VII and VIII ports26 May 2014
Say ‘Hello’ to Galactic War: the first part of Planetary Annihilation’s single player26 May 2014
Proteus remix takes us to Purgateus26 May 2014
Second Life adds Oculus Rift support26 May 2014
Natural Selection 2 development handed over to community26 May 2014
Bungie patch Halo so it will run without Gamespy26 May 2014
Grid Autosport preview: “No one does racing like we do”25 May 2014
Lucas Pope follows Papers, Please with Return of the Obra Dinn25 May 2014
Stoic told backers that Banner Saga would come to Steam “even though we didn’t have any guarantee of that”25 May 2014
Wasteland 2 opening movie gets you up to speed with the apocalypse25 May 2014
Spintires trailer shows what off road vehicles do best... dubstep25 May 2014
Turtle Rock unveil four new hunters in Evolve25 May 2014
Minecrafting 149: Pig Fireworks25 May 2014
The best videos from Elder Scrolls Online24 May 2014
Rematch: Capture the Flag returning to Titanfall matchmaking24 May 2014
Ex-Wing: Star Wars Attack Squadrons canned23 May 2014
The height of fashion: Rust's mud-covered groins and tire armour 23 May 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online's first Adventure Zone, Craglorn, has been opened up to the veteran masses23 May 2014
MapleStory explores the third dimension in MapleStory 223 May 2014
What you see is what you get: No modding support for Evolve23 May 2014
Fill robots, dinosaurs and demons with bullets in the Zombies Monsters Robots beta, starting May 28th23 May 2014
Steam's cut-price culture means most won't pay $25 for The Banner Saga - but devs call sales a "powerful thing"23 May 2014
Practise kissing with Realistic Kissing Simulator23 May 2014
Obsidian's Sawyer prays for mod support in Fallout 4: "The community is amazing"23 May 2014
What: Valve's Dota 2 International prize pool has secret stretch rewards23 May 2014
Half-Life 3 is "being worked on" and Left 4 Dead 3 "looks great", says Counter-Strike creator23 May 2014
Bigby's baaaa-ck: The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing hits Steam on May 2723 May 2014
I, Nnihilation: single player comes to Planetary Annihilation in Galactic War campaign23 May 2014
Spiderweb's Jeff Vogel: "The indie bubble is popping"22 May 2014
Release the hounds: Watch Dogs launch trailer kicks the chaos off22 May 2014
Hearthstone World Championship prize pool will be enough to buy all the decks and then some22 May 2014
Splash Damage's Extraction once again renamed, becoming Dirty Bomb for the second time22 May 2014
Evolve due out on October 21st; aliens not too happy22 May 2014
Total Yaaar: Rome 2 gets a swashbuckling culture pack22 May 2014
Metro Redux freshens up the Metro series for new players22 May 2014
Is this Wembley? Riot are bringing the European LCS to London's Olympic venue22 May 2014
Introducing Zombies Monsters Robots: the third-person shooter's best shot at silly, from an ex-Epic Games studio22 May 2014
Joan of Arc and Robin Hood will gank Little Red Riding Hood in Crytek MOBA Arena of Fate22 May 2014
There’s going to be a Warhammer 40k FPS named Space Hulk: Deathwing22 May 2014
Diablo III's birthday buff proved so popular that Blizzard are keeping it22 May 2014
Zenimax sue Oculus VR over trade secrets that turned Rift from prototype to "viable product"22 May 2014
Elite: Dangerous cruises into Premium Beta as Braben shows off a gas giant22 May 2014
Back to terra with a thump: Blizzard sue "insidious and harmful" StarCraft 2 cheat devs22 May 2014
Sonuvalich: League of Legend's Karthus gets a makeover21 May 2014
Verdun due out this summer: trench foot is the least of your worries21 May 2014
Batman: Arkham Knight trailer suggests new ways to enter and exit vehicles21 May 2014
Play your Steam library on the loo today thanks to In-Home Streaming21 May 2014
Die even more: Teleglitch gets an arena mode 21 May 2014
Before Maidan: how Ukraine’s best developers and players survived corruption and crushing taxes21 May 2014
Kickstarter is a "never-ending cycle of dependency," says Slitherine CEO JD McNeil21 May 2014
MMOs are stagnating and need to stop relying on Pavlovian trickery21 May 2014
Cradle is a game where you fight virtual spiders for an android’s body parts21 May 2014
Nonfiction future history - How Andrew Groen is Kickstarting EVE's first great history21 May 2014
Flagship is an Oculus Rift powered first person RTS in space21 May 2014
Blizzard's sorting out your friends list in the latest Starcraft 2 patch21 May 2014
Keys to the kingdom: Dark Souls' director is now From Software's president21 May 2014
Riot rework League of Legends' "uncatchable" Nidalee; "Her current pattern is problematic"21 May 2014
Free to play FIFA World enters open beta21 May 2014
Valve name new goals for Dota 2 International prize pool; they're shooting for $10m21 May 2014
Play a slice of MMO history: Asheron's Call will drop its subscription fee in August21 May 2014
Uplay jumps the gun and reveals Far Cry 4 Limited Edition details20 May 2014
Level 90 crash course videos teach DPS specialisation basics for Warlords of Draenor20 May 2014
Raising Arizona: Wasteland 2 gets a new region and is launching in August20 May 2014
A new you: PlanetSide 2 gets implants and gives the medic class a fresh coat of paint20 May 2014
EVE Online: PLEX Activation Codes kill off EVE Time Codes and usurp their position20 May 2014
Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3, its 12-inch laptop-slayer20 May 2014
Watch this: Dota 2 ESL European qualifier finals20 May 2014
Which edition of Watch Dogs is right for you?20 May 2014
Space Hulk gets co-op: terminating Genestealers is better with chums20 May 2014
Dark Souls 1 will be "functional" on Games for Windows Live for the "foreseeable future"20 May 2014
GOG would "definitely consider" Early Access - but not the way Steam are doing it20 May 2014
You can now learn Japanese by playing Minecraft20 May 2014
Mars RTS Offworld Trading Company is the game Soren Johnson "always wanted to make"20 May 2014
Dota 2 International prize pool breaks $6 million, exhausts its stretch goals20 May 2014
Deus Ex: The Fall devs on difficulty of porting to PC: “Expectations are really high”20 May 2014
We've got 3000 keys for the Magicka: Wizard Wars beta and none of us is even a qualified mage20 May 2014
How Codemasters teaches AI to race like a human20 May 2014
Tabletop Simulator's Steam Workshop brings physics to favourites like Risk and Pandemic20 May 2014
Hex devs Cryptozoic label Wizards of the Coast lawsuit "bullying" and "frivolous"20 May 2014
League of Legends' new audio engine is just "a few patches away" - and brings surround sound20 May 2014
Diablo 3 celebrates its birthday with 100 percent bonuses to Legendary loot and Rift Fragment gains19 May 2014
Dead Island: Epidemic hits Steam Early Access and isn't free-to-play yet19 May 2014
Star Citizen Arena Commander module takes off on May 29th for backers19 May 2014
Dota 2 International prize pool nears $6 million as people gobble up compendiums 19 May 2014
Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon is a hex-based waaaghgame that "anyone can play"19 May 2014
Rune, Talion, rune: Shadow of Mordor's weapon upgrade system detailed19 May 2014
Google Glass engineer Adrian Wong joins fight for car park spaces at Oculus VR19 May 2014
Alienware predict their Steam Machine will be the "least profitable system we ever sell"19 May 2014
We've got 15 copies of space colonisation sim Maia to jettison into the void. Want one?19 May 2014
Wildstar was built by World of Warcraft devs determined to "do it right this time"19 May 2014
Shelter 2 takes its cues on loss from XCOM: name your cubs and log them in a family tree19 May 2014
Far Cry 4's first trailer makes the case for returning hang-gliders without showing any UPDATE: it's also a fake19 May 2014
Rumours abound that Google will buy Twitch for over $1 billion19 May 2014
Justice, but faster: Riot explain League of Legends' upgraded Tribunal system19 May 2014
Create your own League of Legends pro team with Fantasy LCS18 May 2014
War Thunder: Ground Forces now available, 6 million pilots to receive their tank licenses 18 May 2014
North American Rejects wins The International 2014 NA qualifiers, Counter Logic Gaming due to make pick-up offer18 May 2014
Minecrafting 148: Kidnapping Villagers18 May 2014
Witchmarsh is a 1920s set supernatural co-op RPG with some sumptuous visuals and a toe-tapping soundtrack18 May 2014
Shuffling along: Bohemia are developing a new pathfinding system for DayZ’s zombies18 May 2014
Closer now: Distant Worlds Universe packs in all expansions and a new one next week17 May 2014
ARMA 3 is free on Steam this weekend, and Battle Royale is the mod you should be playing17 May 2014
Respawn removes CTF & Pilot Hunter modes from Titanfall PC matchmaking17 May 2014
Left 4 Dead arrives in Japan, but as an arcade game17 May 2014
Titanfall’s 144hz patch increased rate-of-fire, but it’s all fixed now16 May 2014
Valve are still pushing updates for Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch16 May 2014
The etiquette of a SpyParty explained16 May 2014
Do it all again with Transistor’s Recursion mode16 May 2014
Jagged Alliance: Flashback heads to Steam Early Access, modding tools first16 May 2014
"You are the one from my dreams - but sharper, somehow": meet Skyblivion16 May 2014
Trey cool: South Park: The Stick of Truth breaks Ubisoft digital sales records16 May 2014
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has outsold Far Cry 3 - but they're both going like gangbusters16 May 2014
Battlefield 4 Premium ad sells future DLC on promise of shields, drones and train crashes16 May 2014
War Thunder: Ground Forces goes live; "Keep one eye in the air and one eye on the ground"16 May 2014
eSports' highest earner has made over $519,000 to date16 May 2014
Dark Souls 2 has done amazingly well on PC16 May 2014
Steam Reviews have been tweaked, now denote game version15 May 2014
Add some British to your game with The Stanley Parable Dota 2 Announcer pack15 May 2014
Auto Club Revolution is going back to the garage, will emerge as a shiny new 2.0 version this June15 May 2014
Dota 2 International prize fund hits $5million, unlocks new 1v1 game mode15 May 2014
Heavy Bullets shoots for Steam Early Access, is trippier than psychotropics 15 May 2014
Revised ETA: The Division delayed until 201515 May 2014
Cry Harder: Ubisoft announces Far Cry 415 May 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s story took over two and a half years to write15 May 2014
Man makes virtual playroom using Oculus Rift and three Kinects15 May 2014
Hackers access DayZ servers; user data secure, but source code worries remain15 May 2014
Dame Nukem: 3D Realms and Interceptor announce definitely-not-Duke-game Bombshell15 May 2014
There's no rush: Blizzard test tentative Zerg balance tweaks for StarCraft II15 May 2014
Huge super capital fight in EVE Online obliterates 500 billion ISK in ships15 May 2014
Wizards of the Coast are suing Cryptozoic: "Hex is a nearly identical game to Magic"15 May 2014
Minimum opens its gates to Early Access ticket holders14 May 2014
Writer / Developer Jim Rossignol on Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and letting go of perfection14 May 2014
The Sims 4 character creator lets you pinch and trim every little detail14 May 2014
Devolver Digital games being sold illegitimately online14 May 2014
No One Lives Forever’s cutting room floor revealed14 May 2014
Shards is an MMO where players run the world, developed by Ultima and Elder Scrolls vets, and looking for cash on Kickstarter14 May 2014
Hands on with Valiant Hearts: Ubisoft's joyful WW1 adventure14 May 2014
"Hold on to your butts": two weeks of Humble Daily Bundles have already begun14 May 2014
If a tree Titanfalls in the forest: watch woodland parkour courtesy of tomorrow's Expedition DLC14 May 2014
Self-explanatory: "real-time chess" FPS Superhot demands to be Kickstarted14 May 2014
Diablo 3 patch 2.0.5 brings new class changes and a cure for Tyrael's hunger pains14 May 2014
Paint the board Chaos Black with Warhammer 40,000: Chess - Regicide14 May 2014
Nvidia nab the "greatest PC games of all time" for the Shield: Half-Life 2 and Portal14 May 2014
Counter-like: Call of Duty: Ghosts' new Reinforce mode doesn't do respawns14 May 2014
Oculus VR hoover up another id veteran for their game dev team14 May 2014
New Unreal Tournament will let Epic "succeed by doing the right thing for the community"14 May 2014
Metro developer 4A Games opening new studio in Malta13 May 2014
Hacked off: FIFA 14 player creates anti-cheat tool to ward off hackers13 May 2014
Eidos Montreal general manager Stephane D’Astous on why he quit: “I would rather be in mobile”13 May 2014
GameSpy won’t be made open-source say Glu13 May 2014
Sledgehammer approached Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as if it were a new series13 May 2014
Greatest Hits: Guild Wars 2 revisits the past for Festival of the Four Winds13 May 2014
Looking back at EVE Fanfest 2014: space trucks, MMA fighters and virtual reality13 May 2014
Early access, but in a box: Nordic Games are selling hard copies of Planetary Annihilation13 May 2014
Diablo III lead producer leaves Blizzard behind for Star Citizen; "I knew I had to be a part of it"13 May 2014
Dota 2 International 2014's Compendium outsells its predecessor in one day13 May 2014
"Raids in Wildstar are what we always thought raids should be," say Carbine: "Insane."13 May 2014
GTA was Elite's true successor, says Braben: "games set in space lost sight of freedom"13 May 2014
Elder Scrolls Online patch unsticks stuck NPCs, makes a hard knock life harder for werewolves13 May 2014
Ubisoft are selling nine different editions of Watch Dogs (and a season pass)13 May 2014
Mobile free-to-play consultant and Battlefield vet's advice to indies: "Make PC games"13 May 2014
Blood for the Blood God: Mount & Blade gets Warhammered12 May 2014
It belongs in a museum: Wargaming rescues and conserves one of a kind World War II bomber12 May 2014
Don't close your eyes:'s Spring Insomnia Sale begins today12 May 2014
Bound By Flame PC review12 May 2014
Treasures unearthed: new Diablo 3 legendaries revealed12 May 2014
The Dota 2 International Qualifiers have kicked off; watch the American qualifier now 12 May 2014
Hands on with Habitat: a PC game version of Gravity, directed by Charlie Chaplin12 May 2014
How to become emperor: The Elder Scrolls Online's first king spills his secrets12 May 2014
Crowdfunding games is "much more difficult now than it was even a year ago", says Gollop12 May 2014
Darksiders "is not dead", says series designer; new owner Nordic "seems very committed"12 May 2014
Riot cast the spotlight on League of Legends' new melee support specialist, Braum12 May 2014
Sanctum 2 pulled in 95% of its revenue on PC - devs thankful for "visibility" of Steam sales12 May 2014
Bungie and friends scramble to replace Halo's multiplayer lobby ahead of Gamespy shutdown12 May 2014
EA won't keep Battlefield 2, 1942 and Crysis multiplayer running - GameRanger will12 May 2014
DICE to unveil footage of Battlefield 4's riot shield-focused Dragon's Teeth DLC this week12 May 2014
In Putin’s Russia: The Sims 4 rated 18+11 May 2014
Fall in: Panzer General Online’s beta is open to all willing troopers11 May 2014
Final Fantasy III has been summoned to the PC11 May 2014
Spare a few more coin: Kingdom Come developer returns to crowd-funding for better voice actors11 May 2014
Minecrafting 147: Drop Challenges11 May 2014
Law and Order: Garrosh Hellscream faces trial in new World of Warcraft novel11 May 2014
A Game of Dice ‘n’ Cards: Armello brings the tabletop to the desktop11 May 2014
Dota 2’s Compendium turns your International bets into treasures and boosts11 May 2014
Attack of the Clones: League of Legends’ One For All gets Mirror Mode11 May 2014
Minecraft Realms expands to more countries10 May 2014
Wargame: Red Dragon review9 May 2014
Carbine on WildStar: "We have the best damn MMO that you’re going to play this year"9 May 2014
We all live in a roguelike: We Need to Go Deeper is what Jules Verne would play9 May 2014
Fixing Battlefield 4 solution #528: Recruiting players for QA 9 May 2014
Jogging Dead: Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 is due out on May 13th9 May 2014
Goat Simulator dev on Piracy : “My first reaction was ‘Hooray! We’re top on Pirate Bay’”9 May 2014
Class war: Warside class trailer is all bullets and explosions9 May 2014
Why do developers love making games for PC?9 May 2014
Lords of the Fallen developer says that its inspirations are a lot more diverse than just Dark Souls9 May 2014
Magicka: Wizard Wars to cast spell of open beta on May 27th9 May 2014
What the Farming Simulator lot did next: Water Park Tycoon9 May 2014
EA about-face on VR - acknowledge Oculus are "making strong progress"9 May 2014
GameRanger is set to take the torch from GameSpy: “every one of these games can continue on”9 May 2014
Play a pop horticulture landmark: Plants vs Zombies is now free on Origin9 May 2014
Wargaming's US and European director reveals the key to free-to-play success on PC: patience9 May 2014
Minimum to become least-costly multiplayer shooter around for this beta weekend only9 May 2014
Techland's oiling up Dying Light's joints, delaying it until 20159 May 2014
Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies returns to old haunts on June 24th8 May 2014
Tripwire announces Killing Floor 2 and a new system developed just for gore8 May 2014
Beta get cracking: WildStar open beta begins today and ends on the 18th8 May 2014
Unexpected: Unreal Tournament will be completely free and transparent 8 May 2014
Unbelievable: Epic's about to make an Unreal Tournament announcement8 May 2014
EVE: Valkyrie lead designer wants the dogfighter to be Halo for the Oculus Rift8 May 2014
Team 17 partners up with Dlala Studios on Overruled, a "Worms-like" 2D multiplayer brawler8 May 2014
Molyneux fawns over Minecraft again, this time for breaking "game design rules"8 May 2014
Why Call of Duty's audience is collapsing on PC, and how Activision can fix it8 May 2014
Paranautical Activity devs fight players over cancelled co-op; insist FPS "not abandoned"8 May 2014
League of Legends exploit removes control and renders champions helpless, report players8 May 2014
CCP "permanently remove" three Eve players behind Reykjavik monument vandalism8 May 2014
Tragedy and comedy to clash on June 25 in Valiant Hearts (though tragedy is winning)8 May 2014
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 preview8 May 2014
Age of enigmas: Microsoft are hiring for a new entry in a "well-loved strategy franchise"8 May 2014
Blizzard tell investors Heroes of the Storm is "more welcoming" than its peers, "already fun"8 May 2014
Get five minutes of Sniper Elite 3 footage in your sights8 May 2014
League of Legends 4.7 weakens Feral Flame and teases Braum and his glorious moustache7 May 2014
Don't Starve Together announced: it's easier to not starve when you can eat a chum7 May 2014
Get your wallet out: BlizzCon 2014 tickets go on sale at 4AM CEST7 May 2014
More haste, less speed: Need for Speed taking a break until 20157 May 2014
Fear Factor: Infinite Crisis adds Sinestro to the roster of champions7 May 2014
Oculus VR and Facebook are building a 1 billion-person MMO7 May 2014
EA and Respawn planning "new Titanfall experiences," because you can't keep a good titan down7 May 2014
Cloud combat: OnLive streaming tech brings War Thunder to low-spec and portable PCs7 May 2014
Towns developer: “the game is more or less finished as it is now”7 May 2014
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is pretty enough to make you forget Victorian child mortality rates7 May 2014
Hearthstone's single player adventure Curse of Naxxramas coming "this summer"7 May 2014
Double Fine come out swinging on Steam Early Access with Hack 'n' Slash7 May 2014
Towns development halted as lead dev can no longer afford to pay rent7 May 2014
Star Wars: Battlefront is "coming along very well" - well enough to be shown at E37 May 2014
How to get a HUD in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Valve enable custom UIs7 May 2014
Activision Blizzard's first quarter was dominated by Diablo, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone6 May 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order gets de-Nazified for Germany and Austria6 May 2014
Telltale spills the Tales from the Borderlands beans6 May 2014
Chronology throws together a man and a snail and tasks them with saving a dead world6 May 2014
Valve pulls Earth: Year 2066 from Steam and is offering full refunds until May 19th6 May 2014
It's not the size that counts: EVE Online does away with big expansions6 May 2014
Now that's an Expedition: Titanfall DLC screenshots promise treetop parkour6 May 2014
Carbine declare Wildstar open for beta for 10 days beginning May 86 May 2014
$2.5 million to whoever is best at driving tanks: League 2014 begins6 May 2014
Battlefield 4 gets a dedicated pre-server squad join screen - but only on the consoles6 May 2014
Elder Scrolls Online devs talk absent Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests: "We aren't trying to be evasive"6 May 2014
Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planewalkers’ devs aren't worried: “Hearthstone is at the other end of the spectrum”6 May 2014
Booker, cast: BioShock's Troy Baker to star opposite Kevin Spacey in new Call of Duty6 May 2014
CCP condemn Eve monument vandalism: "What's happened is absolutely disgusting"6 May 2014
My offer is this: nothing — Oculus respond to ZeniMax claims6 May 2014
Family Business - Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert publishing, adventure games, and life after Blackwell5 May 2014
Why I grudgingly fell in love with Sniper Elite5 May 2014
Eve Online monument defaced within week of its unveiling5 May 2014
League of Legends Champion Review: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord5 May 2014
Dota 2 now has more active players than World of Warcraft5 May 2014
What these screenshots tell us about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare5 May 2014
It’s been nine months, let’s look at Capybara Games’ baby: Below5 May 2014
Elite: Dangerous Alpha 4 release set for 15 May. Comes with 400bn star systems and 200 cubic light years of space4 May 2014
Infinity Ward set to absorb Neversoft to create “super-studio”4 May 2014
Guild Wars 2 is 50% off till 11 May4 May 2014
Defiance is going free-to-play on 4 June4 May 2014
Bohemia are offering €500,000 of prizes in Make Arma Not War modding contest4 May 2014
Eve trailer draws MMO, Valkyrie, and Legion together with pretty CGI4 May 2014
Mother Russia Bleeds is a brutal brawler set in an alternate 80s Moscow3 May 2014
Freaking Meatbags has you augment puny humans to fight the robot menace3 May 2014
DayZ has sold more than 2m copies since release3 May 2014
Supergiant on life after Transistor: "there's nothing beyond that date”3 May 2014
Landmark’s Landmarks of Landmark contest goes live with Landmark video depicting landmark landmarks made in Landmark3 May 2014
Epic’s Mark Rein announces Unreal Tournament comeback3 May 2014
Minecrafting 146: Slime Cars3 May 2014
The least you could do: Minimum has a free weekend before it moves to Early Access2 May 2014
New weekend plans: grab Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing from for free2 May 2014
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare micro-transactions are cheap but pointless2 May 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2: In Harm's Way looks as cheery as you'd expect2 May 2014
EVE Online to drop expansions, shifts gear to six week update schedule2 May 2014
What the hell is Project Legion? And is it replacing Dust 514?2 May 2014
Dark Souls 2 PC review2 May 2014
Gun Monkey developer's advice to indies: "don’t make multiplayer games"2 May 2014
I showed my EVE Online spaceship designs to CCP, here's what they thought2 May 2014
CCP reveals Project Legion; a "reimagining" of Dust 514 on PC2 May 2014
The hunt is on: Sir, You Are Being Hunted hits v1.02 May 2014
Acquiescence: Trion Worlds' shooty MMO Defiance will go free-to-play in June2 May 2014
We've got 2000 Wildstar keys and a really, really inadequate keyring. Take some off our hands2 May 2014
Why Wildstar is the true heir to World of Warcraft's legacy2 May 2014
John Carmack: "Oculus uses zero lines of code that I wrote while under contract to Zenimax."2 May 2014
American deauty: Kevin Spacey stars in Sledgehammer's CoD: Advanced Warfare2 May 2014
Stealth Bastard is getting a sequel, but PC is being dumped for the Wii U1 May 2014
Arma 3 roadmap teases expansion and two DLC packs with free features and premium content1 May 2014
Transformers Universe Founders program announced; splash out on a robot figurine1 May 2014
Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff to play EVE Valkyrie lead1 May 2014
ZeniMax claims Carmack took VR technology with him when he left id Software for Oculus1 May 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order system requirements revealed - can you run it?1 May 2014
Gamers are flattening Denmark in Minecraft. GeoData team to consider "rebuilding Copenhagen" 1 May 2014
ZeniMax Online says sorry with five days of game time for The Elder Scrolls Online players1 May 2014
40 studios have signed up to work with AMD's performance-boosting Mantle API1 May 2014
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