July 2014 Archive

Prison Architect's alpha 23 update adds remote access systems and floods prisons with contraband31 July 2014
Michel Ancel opens up a new studio, but will stay at Ubisoft to work on Beyond Good & Evil sequel31 July 2014
Gotta have wraith: Shadow of Mordor's spectral powers 31 July 2014
Seldon Crisis: a space sandbox MMO that isn't EVE Online31 July 2014
IL-2 and Rise of Flight producer on making modern flight sims31 July 2014
Evolve alpha: three days of stalking begins tomorrow31 July 2014
Gearbox attempts to get removed from Aliens: Colonial Marines class action lawsuit31 July 2014
Master Path of Exile in the free expansion, Forsaken Masters31 July 2014
Pillars of Eternity preview: "This is supposed to be the dream game for people who like Infinity Engine games"31 July 2014
A time before Steam: an ode to the budget boxed PC game31 July 2014
Wildstar's 'Sabotage' update makes PvP super explosive, introduces bomb chucking fun31 July 2014
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn begins its free two-week trial31 July 2014
F1 2014 is announced, features shiniest cars and wettest roads ever31 July 2014
Mastertronic lay off staff, leave boxed games behind: "PC budget games now sold online"31 July 2014
The Sims 4 does anger, sadness, embarrassment: all the classics31 July 2014
Minecraft snapshot 14w31a reworks the world border, adds noisier rabbits31 July 2014
Looking for love among the pigeons: Hatoful Boyfriend launches on August 21st31 July 2014
Hacker holiday: Watch Dogs leaves Chicago and visits Camden, New Jersey in new DLC30 July 2014
Strange bedfellows: YouPorn has found an eSports team to sponsor30 July 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has three collector's editions for you to choose from30 July 2014
World of Tanks 9.2 introduces clan strongholds and a new map for dastardly snipers 30 July 2014
Crytek sells Homefront: new studio, Deep Silver Dambuster, now developing Homefront: The Revolution 30 July 2014
Build a clinic in Minecraft and help build a real one in Liberia30 July 2014
Is this the Curse of Naxxramas? Hearthstone players charged twice for campaign30 July 2014
The Room devs were "very nervous" about porting to PC; "But we were like, fuck it."30 July 2014
Elite: Dangerous beta price halves as its playable area expands30 July 2014
Stay for a spell: part two of Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas campaign has arrived30 July 2014
Hitmaker: here's Homeland's Rupert Friend as Agent 47 in the new Hitman movie30 July 2014
League of Legends patch 4.13 will improve match loading speeds by 10-30%30 July 2014
Dota 2 2014 International doubled last year's peak online viewer numbers30 July 2014
League of Legends' Gnar revealed: What if The Hulk was a Gremlin? 29 July 2014
Prepare for Dragon Age: Inquisition with this combat primer29 July 2014
Full steam ahead: World of Warcraft's Grimrail Depot dungeon is sure to become a favourite 29 July 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's new trailer pits Frank Underwood against terrorists 29 July 2014
Arno races the guillotine in a new Assassin's Creed Unity CG trailer29 July 2014
A brief glimpse at Unreal Tournament's deathmatch: "We have a game now"29 July 2014
Topic of the Week: What do you want from the new Mass Effect?29 July 2014
Creative reassembly: Total War: Shogun II is coming to Mac29 July 2014
Why Rust devs Facepunch decided not to announce another new game this week29 July 2014
John Romero says "PC is decimating console" through free-to-play29 July 2014
Watch Rob Zombie and Tony Moore’s gory short "inspired by" Assassin's Creed Unity29 July 2014
Gearbox strip Borderlands of its DRM, promise working Steamworks multiplayer for all29 July 2014
Yordle-ay-ee-oooo: meet League of Legends' pointy-eared new arrival, Gnar29 July 2014
Riot address LMQ ownership confusion, pledge to "represent the best interests of the players"29 July 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online begins its European megaserver migration today29 July 2014
Watch 20 minutes of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, dear Watson28 July 2014
Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot let Comic-Con attendees battle kaiju with the Oculus Rift28 July 2014
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham's Comic-Con trailer is so good that you can forgive the duck murder28 July 2014
ESPN "delighted" by Dota 2 viewing figures; expect more eSports coverage in the future28 July 2014
Start building early: Landmark is on sale for the next day28 July 2014
AMD Gaming Evolved Client grows, adding Twitch broadcasting and other treats28 July 2014
We’ve 1,000 keys for a Wildstar trial account. Want one?28 July 2014
Get clued up on the history of Warcraft while you wait for Warlords of Draenor28 July 2014
Obsidian are still "really interested" in doing a Knights of the Old Republic 328 July 2014
Now you Siege me: here's 36 minutes of Rainbow Six footage28 July 2014
Facepunch respond to Rust community ruckus, certainly "haven't finished" development28 July 2014
Here's what BBC Newsnight made of Twitch28 July 2014
GTA IV iCEnhancer modder driven away by peers "spitting on me, my work, everything"28 July 2014
Ubisoft reveal the "worlds apart" districts of Assassin's Creed Unity's Paris28 July 2014
Payday: The Heist will be free on October 18th during Crimefest27 July 2014
Elite: Dangerous standard beta begins next week; last chance to grab lifetime expansion pack 27 July 2014
New Mass Effect details revealed at Comic-Con; Mako gets a facelift27 July 2014
Telltale confirms that there'll be a third season of The Walking Dead27 July 2014
iCEnhancer 3.0 released for GTA 4 with a surreal launch trailer26 July 2014
DayZ update introduces loot persistence and improved cows26 July 2014
League of Legends tribunal study reveals 92.7% of summoners are punished26 July 2014
Blizzard's Korean Hearthstone ad wants you to join their "revolutionary fun creation"26 July 2014
The Air-Raid Siren Song of War Thunder25 July 2014
CCP producer wants to empower EVE Online players and bring in new ones25 July 2014
Something pew: Facepunch Studios is working on Riftlight, an arcade space shooter25 July 2014
Crysis averted: Crytek attributes recent problems to its transition from a developer to an online publisher 25 July 2014
Shadow Realms: BioWare teases a new game about losing your car keys25 July 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will endanger orcs a week early 25 July 2014
All Keys Gone: We’ve 6,666 ArcheAge beta codes burning a hole in our hull25 July 2014
The Sims 4 minimum system requirements have been revealed, and they're very low25 July 2014
How a quadriplegic ex-wrestler reached Gold in League of Legends25 July 2014
Microsoft Flight Simulator X to be refueled with new updates post-Steam release25 July 2014
Fallout: New Vegas director thinks there's "potential" in a Fallout MMO25 July 2014
2K are dropping BioShock hints like a burst water pipe25 July 2014
Some thoughts on Kerbal Space Program: First Contract25 July 2014
Overkill bolster Payday 2 Steam community with in-game stretch rewards25 July 2014
It is done: YouTube reported to have bought Twitch for $1 billion25 July 2014
Completely real: Get a first look at an Unreal Tournament map concept24 July 2014
Gear Up hits beta: put guns on goo or make invisible spider tanks 24 July 2014
Free zombies: Inject some unlife into your weekend with Dead Island: Epidemic on Steam24 July 2014
What to expect from The Elder Scrolls Online's daedra-controlled Imperial City24 July 2014
The Often-Ending Story is a trope-addled choose your own adventure24 July 2014
Cliff Harris on Gratuitous Space Battles 2: it's a "whole new world"24 July 2014
Aerna creators claim it's the largest and most detailed Minecraft server24 July 2014
Come in from the cold: Linux compatible games are all the rage at GOG.com24 July 2014
A British MP asked for in-game theft to be treated like real-world theft24 July 2014
The Last Express: Jordan Mechner remembers a different sort of war game on the centenary of its departure24 July 2014
Obsidian hope Pillars of Eternity sales will fund its sequel without Kickstarter24 July 2014
Respawn to introduce in-game 'black market' currency to Titanfall in Game Update 524 July 2014
The Sims 2 is now free on Origin, swimming pools and 18 expansions included24 July 2014
Star Wars: The Old Republic preps for largest story expansion since Rise of the Hutt Cartel24 July 2014
Chat restrictions increase win rates for a "large number" of League of Legends players24 July 2014
Well-thumbed: the Steam Controller has grown an analog stick24 July 2014
Meet IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad —the high flying return of the PC's best combat flight-sim23 July 2014
Cliff Bleszinski's Project BlueStreak snatches up AAA shooter designers and staff23 July 2014
Tim Schafer on Double Fine publishing and not being told what to do23 July 2014
Get back in The Room when it comes to PC on July 28th23 July 2014
The Humble Square Enix Bundle throws Hitman, Thief and even Anachronox at you23 July 2014
Kerbal Space Program mods23 July 2014
God Squad: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris due out in December23 July 2014
15 best WildStar addons23 July 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2: Amid the Ruins PC review23 July 2014
TrainFever’s simulations have me hot under the collar23 July 2014
Down but not out: West Games attempts to get funding for Areal after Kickstarter suspension23 July 2014
Wildstar Sabotage update adds 30 player PvP battleground23 July 2014
Gods will be Watching trailer shows thrilling point’n’clicking23 July 2014
Watch Dogs graphics mod TheWorse hits v1.023 July 2014
Dragon Age 3: Inquisition delayed into November23 July 2014
Project CARS' screenshots show a storm’s coming23 July 2014
Nvidia’s Ultimate Quest contest promises to give winners “something big”23 July 2014
League of Legends: A New Dawn cinematic is a thing of beauty23 July 2014
Here are all the new cards coming to Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas22 July 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity's redesigned engine sounds promising 22 July 2014
EVE Online's going through its own Industrial Revolution with the launch of Crius22 July 2014
Battlefield Hardline has been delayed until 2015, and that's okay22 July 2014
Guild Wars 2 has an Elder Dragon problem in The Dragon's Reach Part 122 July 2014
Take a break, MOBAs, because you're drowning us22 July 2014
Areal Kickstarter suspended after exceeding its target22 July 2014
Frozen Endzone becomes Frozen Cortex, because it's not a Madden game with robots22 July 2014
Topic of the Week: Desert island games22 July 2014
Nosgoth preview: vampire hunting22 July 2014
We’ve got 1,000 keys for Nosgoth’s closed beta22 July 2014
Farming Simulator 15 is going Nordic, but won't mess with the fertiliser22 July 2014
British government launch stern letter-writing campaign to tackle games piracy22 July 2014
Minecraft doesn't come off great when you summarise it in 20 seconds22 July 2014
Sins of the Prophets turns Rebellion into a space-based Halo RTS22 July 2014
Ultimate General: Gettysburg Early Access review22 July 2014
Behave: Riot is instantly banning toxic players in League of Legends today21 July 2014
Super 3D Noah's Ark might be the best Christian game built on the Wolfenstein 3D engine21 July 2014
NewBee wins the 2014 Dota 2 International21 July 2014
Slot up: Blizzard unveils Heroes of the Storm's artifacts system21 July 2014
Maxis Redwood working on new IP on top of The Sims 4; could be a F2P MMO21 July 2014
The myriad emotions of FIFA 1521 July 2014
Dark Souls 2 receives a meaty update ahead of tomorrow's Crown of the Sunken King launch21 July 2014
ESPN2's coverage of the Dota 2 International is just too much for some viewers21 July 2014
The Dota 2 International grand finals are tonight; final prize pool $10,931,10521 July 2014
Train Simulator 2015 will include trains from the future, of all things21 July 2014
Battlecry preview: multiplayer mauling in a strange steampunk world21 July 2014
Take another look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's quite good.21 July 2014
Visceral promise there won't be any "gravel voiced super soldiers" in Battlefield Hardline21 July 2014
15 minutes of Brutal Doom v20 will do nicely in lieu of id's remake21 July 2014
FIFA 15 to endow footballers with "emotional intelligence"21 July 2014
Areal escapes funding rut and finds Kickstarter success thanks to handful of generous backers21 July 2014
Star Wars: The Old Republic made $165m in 2013, according to SuperData report21 July 2014
Meet Shadowmoon Valley: new Warlords of Draenor zone offers a "false sense of security"21 July 2014
The Sims 4 Premium membership inadvertently revealed in 20 minute demo21 July 2014
Dota 2 International main event: Day Two21 July 2014
Warframe update 14.0 released; includes Mirage class and revamped tutorial20 July 2014
Mighty No. 9 trailer shows off transformations and unique enemies20 July 2014
Valve debut infamous cult hero Techies at the Dota 2 International20 July 2014
Cryptic letter from Vladimir Putin endorses Areal Kickstarter as it gets funded20 July 2014
Dota 2 International main event: Day One20 July 2014
Heroes of the Storm progression overhaul incoming; introduces hero levels and artifacts19 July 2014
Darkwood interactive trailer proves that flash lights are still your best friend19 July 2014
Adventurezator is a make-your-own point and click adventure game19 July 2014
Doom was only shown off at QuakeCon to squash fears that id were in trouble, don’t expect to see it until next year18 July 2014
Be part of The Crew earlier with PC closed beta 18 July 2014
Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer footage blows out the walls and floors18 July 2014
Sniper Elite 3 Save Churchill DLC now available to all sharpshooters18 July 2014
What to expect from the Dota 2 International main event18 July 2014
Elder Scrolls Online apparently has more than 750,000 subscribers18 July 2014
Crypt of the Necrodancer trailer announces Steam Early Access release date18 July 2014
UPDATED: Steam security failings called out in open letter to Valve. Valve respond18 July 2014
West Games release first footage of controversial STALKER successor Areal18 July 2014
Kerbal Space Program: First Contract update now launched, just like shuttles sometimes are18 July 2014
Yogventures cancellation is a "matter of deep regret" for Yogscast18 July 2014
Blizzard restore the StarCraft II widow mine to former glory in balance test18 July 2014
Doom first impressions, from Quakecon 2014: it's gory18 July 2014
Quake Live fragging its way onto Steam "very, very soon"18 July 2014
The International 2014 Dota 2 Championships will be broadcast live on ESPN17 July 2014
MachineGames on releasing Wolfenstein in Germany: “It’s up to the developer to figure out what can lead to legal action”17 July 2014
Clockwork Empires set to open in “Earliest Access” form on July 18th17 July 2014
League of Legends patch 4.12 video discusses the changes with Evil Geniuses’ Snoopeh17 July 2014
Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas adventure will be dealt onto the table next week17 July 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2 continues next week17 July 2014
Best PC games 201317 July 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to Steam today17 July 2014
Heroes of the Storm's new Garden of Terror map has a day/night cycle and "plant zombies"17 July 2014
Yogscast scrap Kickstarted Yogventures project, offer backers another game in its place17 July 2014
David Braben says Elite: Dangerous will be future-proof: "Moore's law is our friend"17 July 2014
Minecraft snapshot 14w29b will either improve performance or "crash horribly"17 July 2014
Europa Universalis IV makes despotism a relative concept in new Res Publica expansion17 July 2014
There will be blood: Titanfall's Frontier's Edge DLC turns a mining site into a map17 July 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity to be overseen by Ubisoft's new Chief Parkour Officer17 July 2014
Alien Isolation will be accommodating to pacifists: you don’t need to kill a thing16 July 2014
Kerbal Space Program adds contracts as part of First Contract patch16 July 2014
Rainbow Six Siege trailer peppers the walls with praise16 July 2014
Criminal ex-dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activision for portraying him as a bad man in Call of Duty16 July 2014
League of Legends unleashes the Doom Bots of Doom 16 July 2014
Solarix is stealth horror done just how you like it, hiding out on Kickstarter now16 July 2014
Gigantic is a third-person MOBA about monster hunting from a Guild Wars veteran16 July 2014
The Long Dark will Hinterland on Steam Early Access this September16 July 2014
Boom: Star Citizen goes bombing in celebration of $48 million milestone16 July 2014
Eve Online Crius expansion brings enough industrial change to yield "good-old fashioned space conflict"16 July 2014
EA are ending support for The Sims 2 - but giving away its expansions to digital owners16 July 2014
Battlefield Hardline becomes probably first ever FPS to cut back on the explosions16 July 2014
League of Legends patch 4.12 sees Riot prep for Championships with tweaks to Ahri and Alistar16 July 2014
A few of my favorite things: hands-on with Techland's parkour FPS Dying Light16 July 2014
Paint the town orange and blue in Aperture Tag, a Valve-approved Portal 2 mod15 July 2014
Divinity: Original Sin patch breathes life into AI characters and reduces faffing 15 July 2014
Tuesday Topics: Has Early Access been good for PC gaming?15 July 2014
Gardens Gone Wild: Guild Wars 2's Entanglement update is now live15 July 2014
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty gets pre-order DLC in the form of a costume and a new level with an old friend15 July 2014
The Hum: a first-person horror game that looks more horrifying than the name implies15 July 2014
Oculus wash their hands of second-hand Rift owners: "If you buy on eBay you are on your own"15 July 2014
Sepia swordplay: Jagex launch old-school combat mode for Runescape15 July 2014
Infinity Ward veterans to make VR shooter with celebrated Disney animator15 July 2014
Mass Effect 4 survey suggests BioWare are paying attention to Dark Souls, Diablo and Dota15 July 2014
Diablo III becomes the last major Blizzard game to get a Chinese launch15 July 2014
Getting to know H2O: SOE explain H1Z1's dynamic weather system15 July 2014
EA hire eBay exec as their new CTO to help improve their games "as live services"15 July 2014
Watch 30 seconds of Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth before its Premium launch tomorrow14 July 2014
World of Warcraft's art director unveils Draenei 2.014 July 2014
Shocking: Raiden will fight in Mortal Kombat X14 July 2014
Payday 2 director leaves Overkill and AAA to start an indie studio and subvert genres14 July 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity celebrates Bastille Day with murder14 July 2014
Arma 3's Bootcamp update will get you ready for battle14 July 2014
Now we're even: Oddworld Inhabitants reduce New 'n' Tasty's EU pricing to match the US14 July 2014
What does an indie MOBA look like? Meet Lightbulb Crew's Games of Glory14 July 2014
Nvidia are working on a post-Shield handheld PC, reports suggest14 July 2014
How Team 17 very nearly lost the Worms license to a publisher in the '90s14 July 2014
Fanfare for Firefall: Red 5's MMO shooter is on Steam now, unlocks July 2914 July 2014
The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 is called Amid the Ruins, now "within arm's reach"14 July 2014
Alien: Isolation's cast-reuniting pre-order DLC will be available after launch too14 July 2014
Valve’s Erik Johnson on The International: “a lot of the same things could be applied directly to Counter-Strike”13 July 2014
Gamefy apologise for leaking Team DK's tactics at The International13 July 2014
Steam error means The Red Solstice launches with 2 for 1 offer. Last day to take advantage13 July 2014
Six teams eliminated from the Dota 2 International; TI3 champions Alliance among them13 July 2014
Path of Exile announces one-month leagues; to cycle through multiple properties12 July 2014
More mouths to feed: Don't Starve Together teased in prototype trailer12 July 2014
PC gaming hardware worth $21.5 billion; will grow over the next three years12 July 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor writer says it's built on the foundation of Tolkien while still being new11 July 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 demo is chattier and more moustachioed than the last11 July 2014
Spend the weekend watching Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta right here11 July 2014
Blizzard's Mike Morhaime on inclusivity: "We are challenging ourselves to draw from more diverse voices"11 July 2014
Divinity: Original Sin review11 July 2014
Gather your army: Mount & Blade Warband is free for the weekend11 July 2014
Pillars of Eternity hits the homestretch: backer beta launches on August 18th11 July 2014
Neversoft goes out in a blaze of glory. Literally11 July 2014
Overkill tease what’s next after Payday 211 July 2014
ArcheAge saw players bribing jurys “within the first week of alpha”11 July 2014
YouPorn looking to fill holes in its eSports roster with Dota and Hearthstone teams11 July 2014
Riot Games plan to increase number of teams in 2015 League of Legends Championship Series11 July 2014
InXile on Early Access success: “we have doubled Wasteland 2's initial budget”11 July 2014
Bleszinski on BlueStreak: a skill-based shooter in a living world10 July 2014
Riot declares war on League of Legends skin resellers10 July 2014
8 million copies of Watch Dogs shipped; Ubisoft calling it a "major franchise"10 July 2014
Nosgoth Founders packs will be revamped and cheaper from July 22nd10 July 2014
Snapshot 14w28b brings Minecraft closer to 1.810 July 2014
If you're interested in starting Dota 2, you should watch the International 4's newcomer's broadcast10 July 2014
Alien: Isolation pre-order trailer alludes to a Ripley-roaring good time10 July 2014
Deep Silver would like you to decide what goes in Dead Island 2's collector's edition, please10 July 2014
EA's Frank Gibeau pinpoints mobile Dungeon Keeper's problem: "We innovated too much"10 July 2014
Sigourney Weaver was "very touched" by Alien: Isolation's premise10 July 2014
Guild Wars 2 sales doubled in two months since Chinese release10 July 2014
Ban rush: how Blizzard tackle cheats in StarCraft II10 July 2014
Digital colours don't run: The Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 will be a “guild extravaganza”10 July 2014
Kerbal Space Program: First Contract introduces "greatly expanded" Career Mode10 July 2014
Modding support for Banished coming: "It just needs a few more features"9 July 2014
Lords of the Fallen will haunt PCs on Halloween9 July 2014
What Borderlands 3 would need to be intimidates Randy Pitchford9 July 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition's E3 demo makes October 7th seem too far away9 July 2014
That's a relief: Grim Fandango to be released on PC alongside PS4 and Vita9 July 2014
Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth is definitely coming out on July 15th; no take backs this time9 July 2014
Trains, planes and Dovetail Games: Train Simulator developer working on new Microsoft Flight Simulator9 July 2014
The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf PC review9 July 2014
We've 1,000 Orcs Must Die! Unchained beta codes to giveaway and you look like you could use one9 July 2014
Alien: Isolation sets the standard for pre-order DLC with Weaver-voiced missions9 July 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity is a "new narrative start"; "best entry point" since the series began9 July 2014
Valve launch new Team Fortress maps and Robot Destruction mode in 'Early Access'9 July 2014
Battlefield 4 PC patch sees off Battle Pickup exploit, debugs Commander mode on mobile9 July 2014
Titanfall's Frontier's Edge DLC will bring parkour to the beach, somehow9 July 2014
Oculus and Samsung expected to announce co-developed Gear VR headset in September9 July 2014
Away with the clouds: League of Legends to ditch Adobe Air for its new pre-game client9 July 2014
Fortnite footage reveals the joy of instant engineering, precedes closed alpha9 July 2014
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.3 calls on Eorzea's defenders today8 July 2014
Humble 2K Bundle: Buy eight games for $20 and help out two charities8 July 2014
MOBAlands: Battleborn is Gearbox's new IP, and it's a MOBA8 July 2014
Sheltered preview: The family that eats flesh together, stays together8 July 2014
Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas won't cost you your soul8 July 2014
Get out the shears: Guild Wars 2's new Living World episode, Entanglement, blooms on July 15th8 July 2014
What Cliff Bleszinski did next: F2P arena shooter, BlueStreak8 July 2014
Building the fort of my dreams in Epic Games' Fortnite8 July 2014
Firefall finally fires up the jetpack, launching on July 29th8 July 2014
Contraption Maker is second-generation The Incredible Machine, out now on Steam8 July 2014
What's it like to cheat at Titanfall?8 July 2014
STALKER and Survarium veteran now producer on controversial Areal project8 July 2014
Dota Dash is the MOBA engine Mario Kart nobody thought to ask for8 July 2014
Wasteland 2 Early Access sales have helped double its Kickstarter budget8 July 2014
Orcs Must Die! Unchained preview: vulnerable bears8 July 2014
Perfect World and a chicken meat company are acquiring Warframe devs Digital Extremes8 July 2014
EA address fan upset over The Sims 4's missing pools and toddlers8 July 2014
Dwarf Fortress' first update in two years has started the clock on your world8 July 2014
Riot talk their next major League of Legends champion rework: Urgot, the Headsman's Pride8 July 2014
The Steam Controller is heading to Gamescom, according to Valve's exhibitor profile8 July 2014
Alien: Isolation's Oculus Rift demo: "it's just a prototype"7 July 2014
Artillery RTS Cannon Brawl enters beta with an explosion of new airships, buildings and challenges 7 July 2014
Strap on your moon boots for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's butt-stomping E3 walkthrough 7 July 2014
Deep Silver parent company Koch Media responds to claims that it's for sale: "We are not for sale"7 July 2014
There's never a dry moment in Dragon Age: Inquisition's audio booth7 July 2014
Oculus VR announces Oculus Connect, its very own developer conference7 July 2014
CivCraft looks to Sid Meier to give Minecraft "competitive purpose"7 July 2014
DICE celebrated Independence Day with an explosive Battlefield 4 easter egg7 July 2014
Command & Conquer fan server saves Generals and more from multiplayer blackout7 July 2014
Xbox One Kinect for PC isn't for the likes of us: the $199 price tag makes that clear7 July 2014
Mighty No. 9 returns to crowdfunding; Comcept want English voice acting for starters7 July 2014
Horse amour: Ubisoft's digital publishing head says we've finally fallen in love with DLC7 July 2014
Minecraft is single-handedly saving the children's book market (for now)7 July 2014
Riot are testing a new tutorial mode for League of Legends: "We think we can do a better job"7 July 2014
CIS-Game arrive in Seattle for the Dota 2 International after visa trouble6 July 2014
NEOTOKYO mod sees full Steam release, and it's free6 July 2014
Spelunky Classic mod adds two player co-op amongst other improvements6 July 2014
Bethesda say they "need to prove Doom is worth reviving"6 July 2014
Watch Blizzard walk you through Heroes of the Storm's talent system5 July 2014
Paradox dislikes DRM just as much as we do; "It can punish players"5 July 2014
Gods Will Be Watching will test your moral fortitude on July 24th5 July 2014
Cliff Bleszinski is back with his own studio: Boss Key Productions5 July 2014
Art School: Epic critiques concept art submissions for Unreal Tournament5 July 2014
Smite celebrates Independence Day: Life, liberty and the ability to play as every god4 July 2014
Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth due out on July 15th according to EA Origin Twitter account gaffe4 July 2014
We're giving away copies of EVE: True Stories, so you can own a bit of New Eden history4 July 2014
Oculus Rift pre-orders stopped in China due to "extreme reseller purchases"4 July 2014
Green Man Gaming celebrates Indiependence Day with a big sale4 July 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer is doing about half the player numbers of Black Ops II on Steam4 July 2014
The Witcher Adventure Game closed beta sees first deployment of GOG Galaxy4 July 2014
Valve to split ginormous Dota 2 International prize pool more evenly this year4 July 2014
My Life as a Grey Goo — Petroglyph's fascinating RTS faction designs4 July 2014
Bring out the punch: Fist of Awesome arrives on Steam today4 July 2014
Fox News appropriate Bioshock Infinite logo for debate on immigration4 July 2014
Alpha predator: Evolve testing sign-up now open for Americans4 July 2014
Transformers Universe open beta begins tomorrow; prizes and other goodies to be flung at players3 July 2014
Far Cry 4 trailer reveals elephants to be murderous monsters3 July 2014
Rob Pardo bids a bittersweet farewell to Blizzard after 17 years3 July 2014
Divinity: Original Sin is Larian Studios' fastest selling game, so they're going to sleep, then party3 July 2014
Case closed: The Wolf Among Us concludes next week with Cry Wolf3 July 2014
DayZ grows and becomes more deadly in the latest update3 July 2014
Moreowind: Skywind public alpha "coming soon"3 July 2014
End of the Line: Killing Floor gets three new maps in free Summer update3 July 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth release date set for October 24, pack your space-things now3 July 2014
There's another Assassin's Creed game brewing in Quebec3 July 2014
Battlefield Hardline feedback sees movement speed upped 10%: "It feels much faster now!"3 July 2014
Kingsley talks Rebellion's future in open worlds: "We've almost got too much IP"3 July 2014
Know your audience: Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting cannabis-themed gear3 July 2014
IeSF opens male-only Hearthstone tournament to all genders, changes policy for good3 July 2014
Airtight Games closes its doors shortly after the launch of Murdered: Soul Suspect2 July 2014
Dota 2 tournament ESL One Frankfurt had over 12,500 spectators in the arena each day2 July 2014
Muddy off-roading sim Spintires hits 100,000 sales; free updates and DLC to come2 July 2014
Interview: Jason Kingsley on what comes after Sniper Elite 32 July 2014
Doom sneak peek for QuakeCon 2014 attendees only, says Bethesda2 July 2014
Rejoice: Heroes of the Storm technical alpha expands outside of North America2 July 2014
Knights beware: Minecraft snapshot 14w27a introduces bunnies 2 July 2014
Unlocking the secrets of Skyforge's Divine Observatory 2 July 2014
Good gods: Smite World Championship to offer more than $600,000 in prizes2 July 2014
Operate Octodad's tentacles via your webcam with FaceRig2 July 2014
Hearthstone isn't for girls, one eSports organisation decrees2 July 2014
Dear Riot: please bring more League of Legends live events to the UK2 July 2014
League of Legends patch 4.11 aims to bring equality to the jungle2 July 2014
Rust and Bone: Facepunch introduce cannibalism to their survival game2 July 2014
Sledgehammer's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is as "photorealistic as possible"2 July 2014
Age of Empires Online now offline; "We were ambitious and risky in a number of respects"2 July 2014
Operation Breakout: six more maps for official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers2 July 2014
It's Canada Day, so go buy a bunch of games1 July 2014
Core gamers aren't as uncomfortable with change as Peter Moore thinks they are1 July 2014
FIFA 15 is ready to blow some minds with bendy corner flags1 July 2014
Exclusive no more: Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition DLC available to everyone tomorrow1 July 2014
Check out that bass: Dovetail Games Fishing announced1 July 2014
Garrett goes to Hollywood: A Thief movie is in the works from the makers of Hitman1 July 2014
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