August 2018 Archive

PUBG's training mode gets a trailer - come see a car drive upside down31 August 2018
Hitman 2 will take you to the Colombian jungle31 August 2018
Fortnite's revolver gets vaulted, and the storm will soon hurt your buildings31 August 2018
Prison survival game Scum has had its Nazi tattoos patched out31 August 2018
There's a profanity filter in the Battlefield 5 open beta31 August 2018
Fortnite’s week 9 challenges get you this sexy Wild Card skin31 August 2018
China cutting videogame approvals to protect children's eyesight31 August 2018
New World aims for 10,000-player territorial wars across haunted lands31 August 2018
How Make-A-Wish immortalised one Warframe player in the new Fortuna update31 August 2018
Just Cause 4's grappling hook has "more than 4 million" customisations31 August 2018
Just Cause 4's extreme weather systems won't clash, "each extreme weather is bound to a biome"31 August 2018
Win the Ni no Kuni II art book and the official soundtrack on CD!31 August 2018
“Intel’s processor supply shortfall” could mean we have to wait until 2019 to get our hands on a Core i9 9900K31 August 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 25-31 August, 201831 August 2018
In Tropico 6 you can put inflatable tube men and fish tanks in your palace31 August 2018
Forza Horizon 4's system requirements are the same as Forza Horizon 3's31 August 2018
The 32- and 16-core second-gen AMD Ryzen Threadrippers are available now31 August 2018
The 6 best monsters in Monster Hunter: World31 August 2018
Hands-on with the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and real-time ray traced gaming31 August 2018
Free games: get Warhammer 40K: Space Marine free on Humble31 August 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 devs want to help if you can't play in first-person31 August 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken will introduce WoW-style titles31 August 2018
No Man’s Sky launches its first community event, finally giving you a use for Quicksilver30 August 2018
Path of Exile: Delve is out tomorrow - here are the release times30 August 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 could have destructible environments - but that might mean no flying cars30 August 2018
For Honor: Marching Fire will be free to try next weekend30 August 2018
PEGI to add warning of 'in-game purchases' to game packaging30 August 2018
Resident Evil 2’s reimagined boss fights are scarier than ever30 August 2018
Crazy Castle could be the next Fortnite named location30 August 2018
Behemoths of Dauntless: Quillshot30 August 2018
Free Steam keys: Win the STALKER meets battle royale game Fear The Wolves!30 August 2018
Get mauled by bloodthirsty sharks in underwater battle royale Last Tide30 August 2018
The Bradwell Conspiracy is an eerie story-driven game from the I Am Bread devs30 August 2018
The new Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller is all about that Stormtrooper-chic... and I’ve got to have it30 August 2018
What it takes to be one of World of Warcraft’s top streamers30 August 2018
Battlefield 5 has been delayed30 August 2018
Fortnite week 8 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges30 August 2018
Path of Exile: Delve release date - all the latest details about PoE's first infinite dungeon30 August 2018
Nvidia: “Yes, you will see those entry prices,” but don’t expect RTX 2080 cards at MSRP around launch30 August 2018
Alan Wake's creators want to move into live multiplayer games30 August 2018
The Fortnite cube is moving again30 August 2018
Two Point Hospital review scores - our round-up of all the critics30 August 2018
Two Point Hospital review30 August 2018
Fortnite’s cube is now moving twice as fast, and it’s left behind a giant rune30 August 2018
You can play Dying Light: Bad Blood for free this weekend29 August 2018
Scum rockets past 50k players to become Devolver’s biggest launch ever29 August 2018
Jurassic World Evolution will shrink T-Rexes in its big September update29 August 2018
Riot says it will “leave no room for sexism or misogyny” in a promise for sweeping change29 August 2018
Spelunky 2 has rideable mounts and a gun that fires cats - here’s the first gameplay trailer29 August 2018
You'll finally be able to play as General Grievous in Star Wars Battlefront II29 August 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 contains a subtle dig at Valve and Half-Life 329 August 2018
Intel's Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake mobile CPUs are a token gesture at best29 August 2018
Toyota announces new CS:GO tournament with $100k prize pool29 August 2018
ItsEpi talks toxicity, hackers, and Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky29 August 2018
Free Steam keys: Win the new momentum-based gliding game The King's Bird!29 August 2018
AMD silicon could be your best bet for real-time ray tracing in Battlefield 529 August 2018
Skate up a giant spider's legs and then blow it up in this Tony Hawk x Doom crossover29 August 2018
The Predator Thronos is the perfect gaming chair for the tragic millionaire29 August 2018
Total War gets gory with Thrones of Britannia's Blood, Sweat, and Spears pack29 August 2018
Three defining changes in Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition29 August 2018
How the pros play Battle for Azeroth29 August 2018
Steel Division 2 features 600 incredibly detailed units29 August 2018
Half a million people watched Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay stream29 August 2018
The Asus RTX 2080 Ti Turbo is slower than the Nvidia Founder's Edition but somehow costs more29 August 2018
Strange Brigade review scores – our round-up of all the critics29 August 2018
SoulCalibur VI could be the last game in the series29 August 2018
Untitled Goose Game will let you be very rude to your neighbors early next year29 August 2018
“Pride, identity, and accomplishment” are partly responsible for gaming addiction28 August 2018
Now the Fortnite cube is glowing and emitting a low gravity dome28 August 2018
Overwatch's Nano Cola Challenge gives you the gremlin D.Va skin you always wanted28 August 2018
Grimstroke is Dota 2's latest hero, and he has a paintbrush28 August 2018
Samsung Portable SSD X5 review: definitely fast, but not for us28 August 2018
Onimusha: Warlords gets a PC remaster with analogue controls and Japanese voices28 August 2018
Someone made their way into the Fortnite Cube (spoiler alert: it's empty)28 August 2018
Your Guardian can talk in Destiny 2: Forsaken28 August 2018
AMD drivers - release-day Strange Brigade drivers and F1 2018 fully optimised in Adrenalin 18.8.228 August 2018
Riot is considering slashing League of Legends' esports budget28 August 2018
What it's like to play World of Warcraft for the first time28 August 2018
Ryzen boss Jim Anderson is the fourth exec to leave AMD, and for once Intel had nothing to do with it28 August 2018
Contrary to its PSN page, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will not have microtransactions28 August 2018
It's about to cost a lot more to list on WoW's auction house28 August 2018
Fortnite update 5.3: Shockwave Grenade explodes onto Battle Royale28 August 2018
AMD's Navi and Zen 2 to be TSMC-exclusive as GlobalFoundries gives up on 7nm development28 August 2018
There was a hidden message in the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal28 August 2018
Fortnite will start matching keyboard and mouse players together across platforms28 August 2018
Over 1,000 Steam games work on Linux with the compatibility update27 August 2018
Scum briefly tops Fortnite on Twitch, and it’s not even out yet27 August 2018
Enjoy nearly an hour of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage27 August 2018
Blizzard kills loot boxes for Overwatch and HotS in Belgium27 August 2018
Fortnite’s new Shockwave Grenades will turn you into a human cannonball27 August 2018
Streets of Rage 4 revealed, from the team behind that great Wonder Boy remake27 August 2018
Characters are "really important" to Rage 227 August 2018
The Madden tournament shooter was a competitor, police suspect27 August 2018
Spacelords is out now, putting down Raiders of the Broken Planet for good27 August 2018
Making it in Unreal: inside the tornado of turbulent battle royale Stormdivers27 August 2018
Star Wars Battlefront 2 community in uproar over 'Droidekagate'27 August 2018
Fight an evil Groot in ex-Bioware devs' new RPG Breach27 August 2018
New games: Hypergun is a stylish shooter where you build your own synthwave-inspired guns26 August 2018
Brutal Doom is now ‘feature complete,’ so watch these demons get blown to pieces26 August 2018
Tropico 6 is a 'greatest hits' of El Presidente's questionable career26 August 2018
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is turning Steam achievements into combat abilities26 August 2018
OG capture Dota 2’s grand prize in a thrilling 5-game final series26 August 2018
The story in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics ties in with the current pen & paper campaign26 August 2018
New games: The Endless Mission is about making and sharing your own games25 August 2018
Star Citizen celebrates Gamescom with a free-fly weekend, running now25 August 2018
G2A is using AI to sniff out suspicious buyers25 August 2018
Anno 1800 lets you 'choose your own adventure' as you plunder the world25 August 2018
CS:GO YouTuber killed while driving 100mph against traffic25 August 2018
OG defeat PSG.LGD to win first Grand Finals slot in The International 201825 August 2018
Want a free League of Legends skin? It’ll only cost your blood24 August 2018
AMD's share price on track to close at highest value in over a decade24 August 2018
Nvidia's BFGD monitor delayed until 2019 and "is not a cheap machine"24 August 2018
Fortnite’s rift lightning is about to destroy the last cactus at Paradise Palms24 August 2018
WoW: Battle for Azeroth’s last Warbringers short is out now - watch it here24 August 2018
Someone pooped in a bag while waiting in line to play Fortnite - allegedly24 August 2018
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 takes the unrivalled variety of Warhammer 40K to the stars24 August 2018
Cyberpunk 2077's concept art has kicked off a new ARG24 August 2018
We're giving away a hoard of Monster Hunter: World goodies!24 August 2018
Intel backtracks on security microcode license that outlawed benchmarking24 August 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 18-24 August, 201824 August 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a stealth game if you want it to be24 August 2018
Fortnite week 7 challenges guide – how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges24 August 2018
Wargroove will feature Arcade and Challenge modes24 August 2018
DICE made Nvidia’s ray traced gaming dreams a reality in just eight months24 August 2018
Cyberpunk 2077's current build is playable from start to finish24 August 2018
The latest Shadow game streaming box ditches AMD in favour of ARM for totally passive cooling24 August 2018
For Honor guide: tips, tricks and advice for your first moments on the battlefield24 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky brings big nerfs for Maverick (yes, already)23 August 2018
Warframe's Revenant is in action soon - here's a new trailer23 August 2018
The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire will explain Argonian weirdness with history23 August 2018
A free promotion just made For Honor the eighth biggest game in Steam history23 August 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken release date, annual pass, raid, supers, and modes - all the latest details23 August 2018
7 reasons to punch and dance your way through Yakuza 023 August 2018
Gambit mode comes to Destiny 2 before Forsaken’s release - for one day only23 August 2018
Reigns claims the Iron Throne with a Game of Thrones crossover23 August 2018
Here's how Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's resurrection mechanic works23 August 2018
Watch Cayde-6 die in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Stand of the Gunslinger cinematic23 August 2018
"It's always possible" that new Black Ops 4 specialists will arrive as DLC23 August 2018
New Fortnite skins leak reveals samurai, hippies, and new starter pack costume23 August 2018
Battle for Azeroth is the fastest-selling World of Warcraft expansion ever23 August 2018
There are no plans to add Shadow of the Tomb Raider to Game Pass at the moment23 August 2018
Fortnite Tomatohead challenges - how to unlock the Tomatohead Crown23 August 2018
Who would win in a fight between Rage 2’s developers? We pit Avalanche against id Software23 August 2018
Sean and Daniel are "the perfect characters" to replace Life is Strange's Max and Chloe23 August 2018
Battlefield 5’s ray tracing build isn’t necessarily limited to Nvidia’s RTX cards23 August 2018
Fortnite's Tomato Town is dead, all hail Tomato Temple23 August 2018
Co-op progress in Generation Zero unlocks for all players23 August 2018
Battlefield 5’s multiplayer squad play is stronger than ever23 August 2018
G2A now provides electronics, hoping to become a "one-stop shop" for gaming23 August 2018
Fortnite 5.3 patch notes: new Rift-To-Go item coming to Battle Royale23 August 2018
Generation Zero “remembers what has happened to enemies”23 August 2018
Watch Elite: Dangerous' new Guardian Fighters take on the Thargoids23 August 2018
Denuvo expands into anti-cheat protection22 August 2018
Left Alive has three playable characters, but no leveling system or special abilities22 August 2018
A beginner's guide to Old School RuneScape22 August 2018
Logitech's brand new Pro Wireless gaming mouse was the OWL MVP's weapon of choice22 August 2018
Left Alive lets you craft radars to find enemies22 August 2018
Nvidia’s RTX 2080 can deliver twice the gaming performance of the GTX 1080 in existing games22 August 2018
Soulcalibur 6’s second story mode lets you build a character and fight Geralt22 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege: Maverick tips, tricks, and loadout22 August 2018
Resident Evil 2 remake footage gives us a claustrophobic look at Claire's campaign22 August 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance's new DLC includes a lovesick fool and a cheating knight22 August 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new, twitchy roguelike shooter Polygod!22 August 2018
Overwatch's new Busan map is a beautiful homage to Korea22 August 2018
World of Warcraft secret hunters have uncovered a hidden Diablo-themed pet22 August 2018
You can steer your fireballs in Warhammer: Chaosbane22 August 2018
Western Digital is waiting for the QLC SSD tipping point before leaving TLC behind22 August 2018
Watch 16 minutes of uncut A Plague Tale: Innocence gameplay, unless you're scared of rats22 August 2018
Fortnite's new "Rift-To-Go" is a portal you can carry around with you22 August 2018
Mutant Year Zero has a release date and the best pig-based trailer since Beyond Good & Evil 222 August 2018
There will be no new Assassin’s Creed game in 201922 August 2018
Blizzard doesn't want you to be "bogged down trying to build decks" in Hearthstone22 August 2018
Gabe Newell struggles to say '3' in Dota 2 announcer pack22 August 2018
Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores comes to PC on Talk Like A Pirate Day22 August 2018
Overwatch short Shooting Star hints at new D.Va skin22 August 2018
The latest Overwatch short is D.Va's 'Shooting Star'22 August 2018
Hearthstone’s new Magnetic keyword nearly didn't make it into The Boomsday Project22 August 2018
Overwatch’s new map is Busan, is live on PTR today22 August 2018
BlizzCon is now "a season," and it starts today22 August 2018
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord lead says the studio is working 80 hours a week21 August 2018
Blitz Elite and Halloween skins leaked for Rainbow Six Siege21 August 2018
Gamescom declares Anno 1800 the best PC game of the show21 August 2018
In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord you level up your skills by using them21 August 2018
Omen's Mindframe headset harnesses the Peltier effect to cool sweaty gamers21 August 2018
Josh Sawyer is still at work on Pillars of Eternity 2’s free God Challenges DLC21 August 2018
FIFA 19’s Journey mode can be played in any order, but you’ll shape the final outcome21 August 2018
"Formalised" versions of Legion's Mythic Dungeons are coming to Battle for Azeroth21 August 2018
Flying around Anthem's world feels even better than it looks21 August 2018
Horde mode coming to State of Decay 2 with Daybreak DLC21 August 2018
Devil May Cry 5 launches in March - here’s a new trailer and 15 minutes of gameplay21 August 2018
Pillars of Eternity 2 makes you fight for the gods in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC21 August 2018
WoW devs: "We're not going to do to Sylvanas what happened with Garrosh"21 August 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for car battle MOBA Heavy Metal Machines!21 August 2018
Dying Light 2's wildcard factions can change the story in "unexpected" ways21 August 2018
Until Dawn developer reveals horror anthology series21 August 2018
Dying Light 2's vehicles hint at the direction of its DLC21 August 2018
Here’s your first look at raw Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gameplay21 August 2018
Fear The Wolves releases in Early Access next week21 August 2018
BattleTech: Flashpoint expansion brings the beach to the turn-based mech strategy party21 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s monsters are real21 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's House and Plane aren't getting reworks, but Favela might21 August 2018
How to win Fortnite by staying out of the battle21 August 2018
Space Hulk: Tactics' tenacious enemy AI makes it a relentless battle that's tough to outwit21 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey “pushes the limits” of the series' historical grounding21 August 2018
Prayers for a PUBG firing range might be answered21 August 2018
Kanal could be the next Rainbow Six Siege map to get reworked21 August 2018
Devil May Cry 5's prosthetic arms are more like ammo than weapons21 August 2018
There's a new Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord trailer, but still no release date21 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is “a big core single-player experience,” not a service game21 August 2018
The Division 2 nearly took place in New Orleans21 August 2018
A new The Settlers game is coming late next year21 August 2018
Shenmue 3 will release next summer21 August 2018
StarCraft 2’s next co-op commander, Tychus, can use “the largest nuke ever put in the game”21 August 2018
Desperados 3 is the sequel we've been waiting for21 August 2018
The Vive Wireless Adapter is coming on September 24, guess how much it is…21 August 2018
Check out 20 minutes of Life is Strange 2 gameplay21 August 2018
Battlefield 5 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider to deliver Nvidia’s real-time ray tracing this year20 August 2018
Steam.TV is a major revamp for Steam Broadcasting, starting with Dota 220 August 2018
Eve Online's latest solution for bots? Public executions20 August 2018
Life is Strange 2 stars Sean and Daniel Diaz - here’s the first trailer20 August 2018
Here’s when the Battlefield 5 open beta goes live20 August 2018
Black Ops 4's Blackout mode gets an open beta on PC - here are the release times20 August 2018
Nvidia officially announces the new RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards launching September 2020 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky is live on test servers - here are the patch notes20 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege is getting new secondary gadgets20 August 2018
Win an Overwatch loot box full of Blizzard gear - books, a plushie, t-shirt, and more!20 August 2018
League of Legends Patch 8.17: Nunu Rework and High Noon skins20 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege: Clash tips, tricks, and loadout20 August 2018
Here's exactly what Total War: Three Kingdoms' Classic mode changes20 August 2018
All 6 Hitman levels will be remastered as Hitman 2 DLC20 August 2018
Watch Nvidia's RTX 2080 announcement livestream here20 August 2018
Behemoths of Dauntless: Shrike20 August 2018
Esports meets the Le Mans 24 Hour race in a new $100,000 competition20 August 2018
Dota 2's TI8 has the biggest esports prize pool ever20 August 2018
Making it in Unreal: Knights of Light remodels the RPG from a Middle Eastern perspective20 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege ranked play will leave beta "soon"20 August 2018
Casting scripts for Netflix's The Witcher adaptation have leaked20 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s Lion, Frost, and Castle are all being reworked19 August 2018
New games: Inmost is a spooky puzzle platformer in the works from Chucklefish19 August 2018
Check out these sick tricks you can pull with Warframe’s K-drive hoverboard19 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's Frost goes on the hunt in her new elite skin19 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege will introduce more operators with global abilities19 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky is the biggest meta shift yet - hands-on impressions19 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators officially revealed, here are their loadouts19 August 2018
Blizzard reveals schedule for Gamescom 201819 August 2018
New games: Alter Army is a trippy, punchy platformer made by two teens in India18 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege to roll out esports team weapon skins and charms with Grim Sky18 August 2018
It looks like Fallout 76 is available for pre-order in the Microsoft Store18 August 2018
Do not tap the glass in Megaquarium, a management sim about caring for fish18 August 2018
Realm Royale has lost more than 90% of its players since launch18 August 2018
Follow a hungover koala the morning after a big night in Stone, out this year18 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition vs. standard: which version should you buy?18 August 2018
Overwatch ult charge rates explained - Tracer can charge 85% from a single clip18 August 2018
Blood Dragons return in Far Cry 5’s final DLC, out this month17 August 2018
Super Seducer creator would “love” to make a game like Dark Souls17 August 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken story and raid details leak - click here to have everything spoiled17 August 2018
Black Ops 4 borrows a lot of great ideas but lacks personality17 August 2018
Nvidia expects cryptocurrency sales to be "negligible" by Q317 August 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 11-17 August, 201817 August 2018
Fortnite Sniper Shootout switches from Solos to Duos17 August 2018
Win a World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition!17 August 2018
GTA Online cheating tools banned by US judge17 August 2018
Phantom Doctrine tips: how to crack the code of Cold War tactics17 August 2018
Did you pay $350 for Destiny 2's rarest gun? It's getting a clone next season17 August 2018
PUBG update 20: Beryl M762 assault rifle, Scooter, and Fix PUBG improvements17 August 2018
The Walking Dead: The Final Season is already the best the series has been17 August 2018
Skyrim's Proudspire Manor would cost $62,380 in real life17 August 2018
Battle for Azeroth's cooking skill trick has already been patched out17 August 2018
A beginner's guide to RuneScape17 August 2018
Black Ops 4’s controversial body armour is getting nerfed17 August 2018
Warframe Frame Fighter turns the co-op shooter into a brawler17 August 2018
League of Legends' Bronze rank has shrunk 40% in the past year17 August 2018
A Vampyr TV series is in development16 August 2018
Riot’s head of creative development talks about how to fix sexism at the studio16 August 2018
Sexy Steam games delayed indefinitely while Valve builds new store filters16 August 2018
Turtle Beach is getting serious about PC gaming16 August 2018
New Battlefield 5 trailer teases battle royale mode16 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky’s attacker is Maverick - he makes “murder holes”16 August 2018
Valve tells Dota 2 teams to stop accepting gambling sponsors16 August 2018
NAND prices set to drop drastically as analysts warn of oversupply16 August 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for dark ninja action game Aragami: Nightfall!16 August 2018
Spies are back in Total War: Three Kingdoms and can start civil wars16 August 2018
Turtle Beach announces expansion into PC gaming with Atlas headset lineup16 August 2018
In Total War: Three Kingdoms, your faction's abilities will change during a game16 August 2018
Total War: Three Kingdoms has a day and night cycle16 August 2018
Fire and espionage in Total War: Three Kingdoms16 August 2018
Square Enix's cinematic action game The Quiet Man goes loud in a new trailer16 August 2018
Vermintide 2's first DLC is Shadows over Bogenhafen and it's all about Nurgle16 August 2018
Total War: Rome 2 - Rise of the Republic PC review16 August 2018
Fortnite: search where the Stone Heads are looking location16 August 2018
Play Rainbow Six Siege for free and buy it with 60% off this weekend16 August 2018
Intel's discrete graphics card in 2020 is "just the beginning"16 August 2018
Fortnite week 6 challenges guide - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges16 August 2018
Valve goes back in time to add the MP5 to CS:GO16 August 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s New Game Plus gives unique skills on a second playthrough15 August 2018
You can pit Dying Light 2’s factions against each other to sneak by high-level areas15 August 2018
Overwatch League is getting a Toronto team - if a $35 million deal goes through15 August 2018
Here’s when each episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season releases15 August 2018
Riot says its “relationship with Tencent is the best it’s ever been”15 August 2018
Battlefield 5 pre-order sales are “weak” compared to Red Dead 2 and Black Ops 415 August 2018
Black Desert: Remastered will "redefine graphics" for MMOs next week15 August 2018
Intel CPUs vulnerable to new speculative execution attack called Foreshadow15 August 2018
Defenders win 14% more on Overwatch's Rialto map, but it's not "hugely out of line"15 August 2018
Are World of Warcraft’s latest Twitch viewers here to stay?15 August 2018
Looks like TimeSplitters 4 is on the way15 August 2018
Behemoths of Dauntless: Koshai15 August 2018
Insurgency: Sandstorm aims for Rainbow Six Siege's lethality in co-op warzones15 August 2018
In the Battle for Azeroth, are you for the Horde or the Alliance?15 August 2018
Think your job interview was brutal? One company is holding them in Fortnite15 August 2018
This AI coaches you in the middle of Overwatch games15 August 2018
Fortnite 5.2 patch notes: Heavy Sniper Rifle, Soaring 50s and Sniper Shootout LTMs15 August 2018
There’s a fix on the way for Monster Hunter: World’s connection errors14 August 2018
27% of gamers have given up mid-purchase because checkout takes too long14 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky brings a big Thatcher nerf14 August 2018
Phantom Doctrine review scores – our round-up of all the critics14 August 2018
AMD Vega one year on - has the fine wine approach payed off?14 August 2018
League of Legends gathers a posse of High Noon skins for Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot14 August 2018
Don’t expect to see Dishonored 3 soon - the series is “resting”14 August 2018
7 tips to survive in We Happy Few14 August 2018
Fortnite’s rifts could be closed by next week14 August 2018
Doom Eternal’s “restrained” game design14 August 2018
Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card confirmed in cryptic YouTube video14 August 2018
Phantom Doctrine review14 August 2018
Patrick Söderlund is leaving EA after 8 years as a leading exec14 August 2018
Jagged Alliance is back, and your soldiers have aged badly14 August 2018
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 review scores – our round-up of all the critics14 August 2018
League of Legends' reworked Nunu is officially revealed - and adorable14 August 2018
This player hit WoW’s new level cap in under five hours14 August 2018
Nvidia announces Turing - its next generation GPU architecture for real-time ray tracing14 August 2018
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth's new zones are worth slowing down for14 August 2018
Fallout 76's perk cards can't be bought with real money14 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey director believes the Animus is still “important”14 August 2018
Free games: Insurgency is yours to keep on Steam13 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey won’t let you play in Greek13 August 2018
xQc suspended from Overwatch ahead of his World Cup appearance13 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is “much longer” than Origins13 August 2018
Chaos among Chinese regulators pulls Monster Hunter: World off shelves13 August 2018
Rainbow Six Siege's new defender, Clash, is Montagne with tasers13 August 2018
PC chassis maker CaseLabs goes bust and blames it on the US-China trade war13 August 2018
Come see the sun set on Total War: Three Kingdoms' gorgeous campaign map13 August 2018
By making Sylvanas the bad guy, Blizzard risks destroying the Horde's most influential character13 August 2018
Making it in Unreal: behind the faceted face of State of Mind13 August 2018
Intel i9 9900K expected to launch on October 1, 2018 - no budget gaming CPUs in sight13 August 2018
Bethesda plans long-term support for The Elder Scrolls Legends, even though Fallout Shelter has more players12 August 2018
Fallout 76 won’t be on Steam because Bethesda wants a ‘direct relationship’ with players12 August 2018
Germany will start allowing Nazi symbols in videogames12 August 2018
Bethesda threatened legal action against someone selling a copy of The Evil Within 2 on Amazon12 August 2018
Battlerite Royale will be a separate game, and it's coming with a price tag12 August 2018
Doom Eternal’s demon dismemberment isn’t just for show12 August 2018
Even Doom Eternal's pickups are "a celebration of fun"11 August 2018
Fallout 76’s perk cards let you swap out abilities on the fly11 August 2018
Bethesda ran an "asshole session" to find ways to grief in Fallout 7611 August 2018
Fallout 76 private servers will have mod support, eventually11 August 2018
Fallout 76 murderers get bounties - they have to pay the reward out of their own pocket11 August 2018
Fallout 76 PvP will let you kill somebody in power armor with a knife11 August 2018
Fallout 76 blueprints will let players quickly rebuild after nuke strikes11 August 2018
Fallout 76 caps your SPECIAL points at 50, but you'll get to keep customizing11 August 2018
You can change your Fallout 76 character at any time - from hair to sex11 August 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will let you mix and match more than 30 combat abilities11 August 2018
AMD vs Nvidia graphics cards - the state of play at the end of this GPU generation11 August 2018
Doom Eternal’s grappling hook has a very specific limitation11 August 2018
Doom Eternal mod support may happen, but it won’t be at launch and it’s not guaranteed10 August 2018
Doom Eternal multiplayer will include “internally developed PvP”10 August 2018
Doom Eternal won’t have SnapMap, but it will have single-player DLC10 August 2018
Doom Eternal has extra lives and 1-ups10 August 2018
Starfield co-developer becomes Bethesda Game Studios Dallas10 August 2018
The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC launches next week10 August 2018
Check out these gloriously gory Doom Eternal screenshots10 August 2018
Doom Eternal adds a grappling hook and parkour10 August 2018
Rage 2 QuakeCon trailer show quests, abilities, and death boomerangs10 August 2018
Intel drivers - your miniscule iGPU gets prepped for WoW: Battle for Azeroth and Yakuza 010 August 2018
Quake Champions is going free-to-play - right now10 August 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, August 4-10, 201810 August 2018
NZXT H500 review: a hassle-free and stylish compact tower PC case10 August 2018
Meet the new GX Blue Sporting G512 keyboard10 August 2018
See the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal - watch the QuakeCon keynote here10 August 2018
Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project cards - every new card in the latest expansion10 August 2018
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