Minecraft armadillo mob vote guide

Find out if you think the cute Minecraft armadillo would be a welcome addition to the game, given its use to another favorite Minecraft mob.

The Minecraft armadillo, one of three potential new Minecraft mobs, stands in a savannah biome next to Tiny Jens.

What is the Minecraft armadillo? Mojang introduced us to the Minecraft armadillo on October 4, 2023, as one of the three designs going up for the public vote during Minecraft Live 2023. Following the reveal of our first choice, the crab, we head in land to find out more about this cute armored mob.

Let’s face it, Minecraft mobs are one of the best things about the sandbox game – there’s nothing better to come home to at the end of a long day’s mining than a farm full of sheep, cows, and pigs, and a menagerie of cats, dogs, and rabbits behind your front door. While there are already over 70 mobs in Minecraft, we can never have too many, and this year’s Minecraft Live leaves the next addition up to you, with the Minecraft armadillo bringing a new mechanic to a mob you already love.

The Minecraft Live title over a Cherry Grove biome as the sun sets and a gathering of Minecraft mobs look on.

Minecraft armadillo details


This unexpected choice looks similar in shape and size to last year Minecraft Live mob vote winner, the Minecraft Sniffer. A brown rectangle with an adorable little face, the Minecraft armadillo appears to sleep soundly curled up, protected by its shell-like skin, springing to life when you get too close.


These Minecraft mobs are all in early development, so we don’t know too much yet. However, Mojang has to give us something to work from, so we do know that the Armadillo spawns in warm biomes, like the Savanna. This is great news, as the savanna doesn’t currently have any of its own unique mobs, and perhaps the use of the term “places” – plural – in the video below suggests that we’ll find it elsewhere, too.

New mechanics

Perhaps the best feature of the armadillo is, sadly, not about the armadillo at all, but the Minecraft wolf – which, we all know, is basically a dog when you tame it. The Minecraft armadillo, if brought to the game, drops a scute upon death (similar to turtles), which can be crafted into armor for your pet dog, to prevent it taking harm from hostile mobs. Our own dog keeps guard of our Minecraft house at night, so it would be great to give it some protection.

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How to vote for the armadillo

The Minecraft Live mob vote opens up earlier than ever this year, 48 hours before the Minecraft Live broadcast takes place. If you want to vote for the armadillo, then take a look at our full guide on how to vote in the Minecraft Live mob vote, which gives you the exact dates and times, as well as all the places you can cast your vote.

Now you know all about what the Minecraft armadillo has to offer, make sure you know how to watch Minecraft Live to see the result as it’s announced. If you’re interested in the mobs which have won previously, check out the pretty Minecraft Glow Squid, and the adorable Minecraft allay… and thank goodness there’s no hostile mobs like the Minecraft Phantom up for the vote this year – the friendly Minecraft penguin and Minecraft crab are the others trying to win your vote.