How to make a Minecraft brush

To uncover the secrets of Minecraft archeology, you’ll need a specialized tool, so here’s how to craft the Minecraft brush and its recipe.

A room in Minecraft filled with old pots and a brush.

How do you craft the Minecraft brush tool? The 2023 Trails and Tales update expanded Minecraft yet again, and took us back to the past with the archeology mechanic finally introduced to the sandbox game. Digging and recovering rare artifacts is the name of the game here, but you’ll need a specific piece of equipment to ensure what you find remains intact.

As you explore the sandbox game – appropriate – you’ll come across mysterious blocks called suspicious sand; these are actually other objects covered with sand, and require a brush to carefully dislodge the buried item from its natural casing. We’ve had a dig around to find out exactly how to craft the brush tool in Minecraft and when to use it.

A look at the Minecraft crafting table, with three ingedients placed down the center.

How to craft the Minecraft brush tool

Here are the ingredients needed to craft the brush in Minecraft:

  • One feather
  • One copper
  • One stick

You’ll need to place all the ingredients in that order, vertically down the center of the crafting table. Once that has been done, the brush will pop out and be yours to wield how you wish.

You should use your new-found tool whenever you discover a block of suspicious sand – brushing away the excess sand will reveal a pottery shard or another useful item, like a diamond. Combine several of these shards to create an ornate pot that can be used to decorate your desert Minecraft build.

Now that you know how to craft the Minecraft brush, it’s time to channel your inner Time Team and get excavating. Minecraft is still holding strong as one of the best PC games around right now, especially when you factor in the impressively diverse Minecraft mods scene. There is something for everyone, especially when you find the perfect Minecraft server using our guide.