GTA and Red Dead Redemption dev’s new game isn’t what you’d expect

Dungeon Golf is a fantasy golf game from former GTA, RDR, and Call of Duty dev Tony Gowland, and free expansion Undead Lair is about to launch for Halloween.

Dungeon Golf comes from former GTA and RDR developer - A cartoon frog plays a lute and sings.

It might be rather a far cry from his previous work on the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and the Call of Duty series, but developer Tony Gowland’s new game Dungeon Golf is a quirky, fun spin on mini-golf with a ton of charm, and it’s getting a big free update to celebrate the Halloween season.

Made by Gowland and his team at Ant Workshop, Dungeon Golf is a fantasy spin on golf that sees you abandon the links in favor of underground lairs filled with all manner of treacherous traps and dangerous monsters. You can play it solo or as a multiplayer game with up to four players online or locally.

In Dungeon Golf, you’ll choose from a lineup of eight different golfers, each representing classic fantasy tropes such as an axe-swinging barbarian and a frog with a lute, each of which have their own unique abilities. Making your way through shifting lairs, mountain fortresses, ancient temples, and volcanic forges, you’ll have to time your shots carefully to avoid all manner of traps and tricks.

Dungeon Golf - A frog bard swings their lute like a club at a golf ball in a dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and gold.

You’ll also encounter various monsters on your golfing adventure, from the classic slimes to goblins, golems, and more. While you could simply attempt to circumnavigate them altogether, take them down and you can earn yourself extra shots. In addition to this, you’ll want to crack open chests and destroy priceless treasures to earn yourself mana to deploy your character’s most powerful moves.

Of course, a game as profoundly spooky as Dungeon Golf is already for the Halloween season, but you can now take things one step further thanks to the free Dungeon Golf Undead Lair update. This new six-hole course is “a sinister, swampy necropolis lined with monsters and tombstones.”

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The update also adds some additional single-player content in the form of the ‘Creepy Classic Golf Quest,’ which adds nine rounds of new challenges to test your prowess with the nine iron (or your own bony leg, if you prefer to use that). Ant Workshop has even upgraded its CPU opponents to enhance the competition across all modes.

The Dungeon Golf Undead Lair update releases for free on Tuesday October 17, 2023. It’ll be available to all owners of the base game. If you haven’t played it yet and are tempted to tee off, you can get Dungeon Golf on Steam for $16.99 / £14.99. It’s currently in early access, and the team says it expects this to last about three more months, although “this may change as we adapt to player feedback and development.”

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