GTA 6 leak offers codename, character clues, and Vice City speculation

GTA 6 leaks are rare, but a voice actor’s CV might have dropped clues about characters for Rockstar’s next open-world opus, as well as hints on Vice City

GTA 6 release date and location Rockstar

GTA 6, Half Life 3, and the return of Silent Hill – those, plus Beyond Good and Evil 2, or maybe a full release of Star Citizen, comprise the Mount Rushmore of most-wanted, but seemingly vaporous, videogames. It’s been nine years since GTA V first whisked us away to Los Santos’ sunny climes, and despite a litany of great, online updates, what we’ve all really been waiting for are solid GTA 6 leaks. Well, we might have something, as a CV from a voice actor offers possible information about characters, an internal code name for Rockstar’s next sandbox outing, and a very conspiracy-minded hint about the return of Vice City.

Users on GTA Forums, a highly committed Grand Theft Auto fan site that’s been running since 2001, have been trawling through the CVs and resumes of Entertainment Lab, a talent agency partly operating in New York City, also home to the head offices of Rockstar Games. As of this writing, they have discovered three actors apparently attached to an upcoming Rockstar project. Nick Mills, listed on this page at bullet point number 14, is supposedly booked for a generic sounding “Rockstar voice-over project”.

More interesting are Marco Virgilio and Natonia Monet, both slated to appear in a project named “Fireball”. As available on Twitter, courtesy of GTA 6 News and Leaks, which grabbed some screenshots for posterity, Monet’s CV originally listed “Fireball” as being produced by Rockstar Games, also adding that they will be playing the role of “Tamara”. After this was discovered by GTA Forums, however, the CV has – perhaps tellingly — been changed, removing all references to the Fireball project.

Nevertheless, if Fireball truly is the internal codename for GTA 6, the game will apparently feature a character called Tamara, and also a radio station called Radio Hinterland, of which Marco Virgilio will apparently voice the DJ. Where it gets extra interesting, and where Vice City comes into everything, depends on how willing you are to believe – let’s say, for the sake of argument, you’re very willing.

In that case, one GTA Forums user, Americana, points out that “Fireball” is the name of a song by the musician Pitbull, and that Pitbull is from Miami. Miami of course is the basis for Vice City, setting for Rockstar’s beloved 2002 GTA sequel, and the last location from the traditional Grand Theft Auto city line-up – Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City – to remain unvisited in what fans refer to as the series’ HD era, that kicked off with GTA IV. It’s a reach, but Rockstar is known for its humour, and revealing the location of the world’s most-wanted game via a Pitbull reference seems like a pretty good joke.

But we’ll have to see. Until then, you can find a round-up for all the other GTA 6 rumours here.