Huge new Counter-Strike 2 bug sparks ‘response’ from Valve

A dramatic new bug in Counter-Strike 2 that lets CS2 players lean out of cover prompts a humorous response from Valve, as CSGO also finds its way back to Steam.

Counter-Strike 2 leaning bug: Two soldiers in front of an explosion in Valve FPS game Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 bugs and exploits are a regular source of comedy. In CSGO, I watched players deflect bullets by suddenly dropping their gun, so the shot would hit the rifle instead of their head. And I remember fondly some of the best trick kills, like players with one HP getting dinged in the face by a smoke grenade, and ragdolling to the ground. But a new CS2 bug is so extreme it’s prompted a response, of sorts, from Valve itself. As CSGO becomes once again available on Steam, Counter-Strike 2 might have its first legitimate meme.

Between Counter-Strike 2 ranks and all the changes to Counter-Strike 2 skins, I’m still adjusting to the CSGO sequel. At surface level, this is the same, classic FPS game from 2000. But Source 2 and Valve’s various tweaks and redesigns have opened the door to some truly surreal Counter-Strike 2 tactics. If you want to get the jump on unsuspecting rivals, and throw off their aim with your bizarre, glitchy appearance, this is the way – and now Valve is in on the joke.

Shared on Reddit by user ‘thekappa27,’ this Counter-Strike 2 bug lets you combine peeking around corners with a more pronounced, acute lean to the side. The effect is that your character’s body bends laterally into a very unnatural and very hard to hit position. If you’ve steadied the scope of your AWP ready to headshot someone when they exit around a corner, and then this suddenly appears in front of you, you’ll likely be so freaked out that you miss and get killed in turn. Check it out in the video below, from YouTuber ‘TroubleChute.’

YouTube Thumbnail

Dubbed ‘the Michael Jackson lean,’ in homage to a similar-looking maneuver in the pop singer’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ video, Valve itself is now in on the joke. The ever-symbolic Counter-Strike Twitter banner has been changed, replacing the generic CS2 soldier in the center with a picture of a leaning Michael Jackson. Whether Valve will remove or fix the exploit in a coming Counter-Strike 2 update remains unclear.

Counter-Strike 2 lean bug: The banner from Valve's Counter-Strike Twitter page showing an image of Michael Jackson

However, CSGO is now available to play again on Steam, providing players with access to a legacy version of the classic shooter, much like CS 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source. So, if you don’t want to get hit by a smooth… leaner, maybe give that a try instead.

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