What is the Destiny 2 Lost Sector today?

Here’s where you can find the Legendary and Master Lost Sector in Destiny 2 every day, as well as what the rewards will be for each one.

Exodus Garden 2A in Destiny 2, a Lost Sector location

What is today’s Lost Sector in Destiny 2? Before you can take on Legend Lost Sectors, you need to complete all the normal Lost Sectors first. If you don’t, the new Legend Lost Sectors will not appear on the map. Each day, the location, modifiers, and rewards rotate out for something new.

While many Exotics can be bought from Xûr or even in the world loot pool, the Destiny 2 Exotics in these special Lost Sector instances cannot, forcing players to explore these dangerous areas if they want the best equipment available. It’s important to remember that exotic drops are not guaranteed after completing these quests, so you may have to run through the same Lost Sector multiple times. You can go through the quests in the free PC game with a fireteam, but your rewards will be reduced to Enhancement Cores only.

Destiny 2 Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation

Here is the current Destiny 2 Lost Sector rotation:

Date Lost Sector Location Reward
28 June K1 Comunion The Moon Chest
29 June Sepulcher Throne World Helmet
30 June Extraction Throne World Legs
1 July Aphelion’s Rest Dreaming City Arms
2 July Chamber of Starlight Dreaming City Chest
3 July Bay of Drowned Wishes Dreaming City Helmet
4 July Veles Labyrinth Cosmodrome Legs
5 July Exodus Garden 2A Cosmodrome Arms
6 July K1 Revelation The Moon Chest
7 July K1 Crew Quarters The Moon Helmet

As of Lightfall, Destiny 2 has introduced a series of Threats, which grant 25% more damage to your Guardian from a specific element. The Lost Sector changes on a daily basis via a rotation schedule and resets at 9am PST / noon EST / 5pm GMT daily.

In order to access Legend and Master Lost Sectors, players must have completed the Lost Sector in the game on normal difficulty. They also must have a minimum Power Level of 1800.

Legend Lost Sectors have a rare chance to drop Exotic loot upon completion, while the chance improves to common for Master Lost Sectors. However, players must complete the Lost Sectors solo for the best chance at these drops.

Players should always be prepared to face Overload, Barrier, and Unstoppable Champions in these Lost Sectors. Upon finding the Lost Sector on the game map, you’ll be able to see what types of Champions you’ll need to plan to fight as well as the elemental burn that will impact the Lost Sector.

Note that you can farm these activities, so if you don’t get an Exotic the first time around, you can try it again. Below, you’ll find the Exotic armour pieces that may drop whenever you complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector.

How to find today’s Lost Sector

To find the Destiny 2 Lost Sector you should first select the planet or area it is located in, and then search the map for the Lost Sector symbol. This will only show up if you have already completed the Lost Sector on normal difficulty at least once.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector rewards


  • Helmet: Fallen Sunstar, Dawn Chorus
  • Legs: Rain of Fire, Secant Filaments, Boots of the Assembler
  • Arms: Osmiomancy Gloves, Nothing Manacles, Necrotic Grip
  • Chest: Mantle of Battle Harmony


  • Helmet: Loreley Splendor, Precious Scars
  • Legs: The Path of Burning Steps
  • Arms: Point-Contact Cannon Brace, Second Chance, No Backup Plans, Icefall Mantle
  • Chest: Hoarfrost-Z, Cuirass of the Falling Star


  • Helmet: Blight Ranger, Mask of Bakris
  • Legs: Radiant Dance Machines, Star-Eater Scales,
  • Arms: Caliban’s Hand, Renewal Grasps, Arthrys’s Embrace
  • Chest: Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, Omnioculus

That’s all we have for the Legend and Master Lost Sector locations in Destiny 2. For more help ticking off those weeklies, you can also check out our guides to the best Warlock builds for PvP and PvE, the best Hunter Builds for PvP and PvE, and the best Titan builds for PvP and PvE to customise your character for the best chance at surviving these Lost Sectors.