Corsair M75 Air review – the mouse you need for clutch esports plays

If you want an esports-focused competitive gaming mouse, the M75 Air offers a true ultra-light design and performance that is unmatched by its competitors.

Corsair M75 Air review

I’ll never forget the moment I opened the Corsair M75 Air and searched for a good ten minutes trying to find how to open it and put in the battery. Lo and behold, it turns out that the M75 Air is actually just one of the lightest gaming mice I’ve ever used. Better still, there are virtually zero compromises that I can find to have enabled this ultra-light frame.

Corsair is taking a bit of a risk with the M75 Air name, not only because air is an overused buzzword often attached to the likes of laptops, but because if you fail to meet expectations, you can often end up ridiculed. Thankfully, Corsair has nothing to worry about here, it’s instead on track to release one of the best gaming mice currently available in 2023.


  • Incredibly light
  • Dual connectivity
  • Battery life is incredible
  • Super responsive


  • DPI switching is only possible in iCue
  • Premium comes at a price
Corsair M75 Air Specs
Sensor Corsair Marksman
Max DPI 26,000
Weight 60g
Buttons 5

Corsair M75 Air design and comfort

When it comes to the M75 Air’s design, there is only one place to start, the weight. At an unbelievable 60g, it’s one of the lightest gaming mice on the market and that’s before you consider that it’s wireless. I can confidently say that this mouse has converted me to ultra-light specs. I was so sure I needed a bit of weight to my gaming mouse otherwise my heavy-handed nature would just lead to constant mistakes in clutch situations. 

On the contrary, I found that taking away the weight that I was used to help me concentrate a lot more on the action without worrying about timing my aim. I had accidentally created a bad habit of thinking heavier mice were better when I was instead having to compromise for the weight in my hand. The Corsair M75 Air is a blessing in disguise for correcting this awful habit. 

As for the frame, it’s a fairly standard palm grip, and for someone who tends to hold quite a tight grip on their mice without realizing it, the matte coating held up very well with no slipping or discoloring which can happen with cheaper materials. 

Dual connectivity is included in the M75 Air, so you can choose to connect to the 2.4GHz wireless adaptor, or via Bluetooth. I didn’t record any differences between the two connections so it really is dealer’s choice, but I personally always stick with the adaptor for fear that Bluetooth could suffer from more random lag spikes.

In general, The comfort levels of the M75 Air are nothing revolutionary, especially when compared to the weight, but there is a reason the standard shape of a palm grip mouse hasn’t really changed for a few decades. The only improvement that would have made any difference to my experience would be curved left and right mouse clicks, to ensure my fingertips never strayed from their intended position in the heat of battle.

An image of the Corsair M75 Air mouse sitting on top of its product box

Corsair M75 Air performance and battery life 

Performance is key with a gaming mouse that is targeting esports. Once again, Corsair delivers. The M75 Air is not only super-light, but it’s also super responsive and that’s what seals the deal for this being my favorite gaming mouse of the year.

If a brand mentions esports, my instant go-to games for testing are CS2, Valorant, and League of Legends. I’m not going to try and convince anyone that my play got better since I started using the M75 Air, but my in-game experience with precision controls felt better. I’ve been testing the M75 Air for over a week, just to make sure the initial shock of heavy to light mouse was washed away, and I can confidently say this is a long-term difference I’m noticing. The act of gliding around a HUD and interacting with various in-game elements is smoother than ever.

Where I’m left a little disappointed, is with the lack of a native DPI button on the mouse. Granted, I can’t stand when the DPI button is underneath a mouse, in fact, that’s worse than no button at all, but having to boot up iCue to change DPI is a hassle. I do sometimes like to make minor adjustments to DPI during games depending on the weapon I’m using, so having to alt + tab in order to do this is an added step that could be prevented. That being said, it’s the one true weakness that the Corsair M75 Air has presented and I can almost guarantee it won’t bother some people the same way it does me. 

An image fo the DPI settings for the Corsair M75 Air in iCue

The polling rate on the M75 Air is 2,000Hz and I’ll be honest, you’re unlikely to recognize a huge difference, or any at all, when compared to standard 1,000Hz mice. Polling rate determines how often the mouse updates your PC on its positioning or actions. This can be the difference between a whiff and a headshot in CS2, but the most recognizable differences are typically felt in products up to 8,000Hz. 

As for the left and right click switches, Corsair opted for optical switches for the cleanest and quickest reactions, these are guaranteed for 100M clicks too, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new mouse for quite some time. 

If you’re wondering how long the M75 Air lasts, that differs quite drastically depending on which connection you’re using. The 2.4GHZ wireless will drain from full to empty in around 45 hours whereas Bluetooth can boast up to 100 hours. You can play around with the sleep settings in iCue to preserve the battery when you’re not using the mouse, but recharge time via USB-C is fairly quick so it’s hardly an inconvenience when it is dead. 

All in all, the performance of the M75 Air is a certain step up from other mice I’ve used recently and an even bigger improvement for my old reliables like the Logitech G502 Lightspeed and Razer Viper V2 Pro. 

A view of the underside of the Corsair M75 Air mouse

Corsair M75 Air price and where to buy

The Corsair M75 Air is available now for $149.99 / £139.99 directly through the Corsair online store. 

If we look at the market for super-light gaming mice, this is a very high price, but one that I would argue is fair given its performance returns. Just make sure you’re comfortable knowing that this mouse doesn’t feature 50 customizable buttons, can’t have the weight changed, and isn’t packed with useless RGB hotspots. Its pricing is on par with the recent Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2, in fact, it’s a little bit cheaper. 

Should you buy the Corsair M75 Air?

If you take your gaming seriously, and by that I mean you’re hoping to top the leaderboards even if just playing with friends, then you need to seriously consider the Corsair M75 Air as your next mouse. 

A true super-light gaming mouse that has some serious juice in its battery comes together with stunning performance to create a real contender in the market. 


Not only have I been converted from a heavy to a light mouse enthusiast, but the Corsair M75 Air has positively changed the way I interact with my games as a result. Better still, It doesn’t attempt to sell you pointless features and can back up every box claim thanks to its unmatched performance. 

My time with the M75 Air was one of pure joy, and the only compromise being the lack of a physical DPI switch is one I am more than willing to make for this mouse.

Corsair M75 Air

I’ve run out of superlatives for the Corsair M75 Air. It’s forced its way to being my favourite mouse of the year and it’s not even a close race. A joy to use, this esports-focused mouse strips away the fluff and leaves me in awe of its refined performance.