Baptist Ministries International
P.O. BOX  566 Festus, MO 63028  
 e-mail JamesWaymire@juno.com
Second Baptist Church in Festus, MO 63028 


     A sower went forth to sow some fell on rocky ground, some fell on GOOD ground. The Seed is the Word of God.

             The sower is the Christian worker telling a lost and dying world that Jesus Came to "Seek and to save"

                                                                 3006 J/R ready to cut

           Brother Waymire has been "sowing Seed" for 50 years, Now he is helping Churches print, put together, and Ship John/Romans to Missionaries around the world. At no cost to the Missionaries.

            Each John/Romans cost about 15 cents, by the time it gets to the Missionaries. THBC has sent over 1000000 to India in their Language. We ask that you pray for The Waymaires.

If you would like to help Buy Paper to print J/R please let Brother Jim  know.