When is the next Steam sale?

A complete guide to the next Steam sale, current Steam sale, and all upcoming game-specific and seasonal Steam sales to plan ahead for in 2023.

Valve Portal 2: Next Steam Sale and upcoming Steam sale dates

When is the next Steam sale date? It feels like one Steam sale has just ended when the next one begins, but with some events offering better discounts than others and genre-specific sales, it’s a good idea to keep these dates to hand.

Fortunately, Valve has released the entire Steam sale dates for the rest of the year so that you can plan your wishlist beforehand. Whether you’re looking for new PC games to sink your teeth into or survival games to test your endurance, there’s something for everyone on Steam. The seasonal sales are much bigger and last one to two weeks, with more games, DLC, and bundles available with chunkier discounts. The Steam summer and winter sales are the big ones for the calendar, and summer is not far off.

Steam sale dates

Here are the next Steam sales:

  • Next Fest October: October 9 – October 16, 2023
  • Scream Fest: October 26 – November 2, 2023
  • Steam Autumn sale: November 21 – November 28, 2023
  • Steam Winter sale: December 21, 2023 – January 4, 2024

There is almost always a sale going on on Steam, and if you’re unsure, the current sale is most likely being advertised on the Steam front page. Even when there’s no event on, there are always special offers, so check out the Steam specials page, and be sure to wishlist your most wanted games so you’re notified when they go on sale.

If you plan to take advantage of the genre-specific Steam sales, take a look at our lists of the best PC games, stealth games, and horror games to watch out for once that particular sale rolls around.