We are told go into the World And  Preach,  to train,    to Teach so they can do it all over again    
    Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission  
    General Fund                                                                                                    316 Peter Street , Atlanta, Ga  
    Baptist International Missions, Inc.  
    Kelly Bruce                          Deaf Ministry  
    Bearing Precious Seed/World Missions  
    Jim Waymire Beacon Baptist  
    Sam Martin Maranatha Baptist  
    Paper Fund  (for printing tracks)    
    Born Again Truck Driving Missions  
    Ronnie Wright    
    Calvary Children's Home  
    General Fund Smyrna, Ga  
    Freedom Baptist Church  
    Frank Raddish Capitol Hill, Washington  
    Global Fundamental Baptist Missions  
    Gene Harmon China  
      Gospel Preachers Association  
    Don Jackson Church Planter  
    Macedonia World Baptist Missions  
    Paper Fund    
    Connie Anderson Haiti Children's Home  
    Walter Braswell Publication Director  
New York  
    Duane Earwood South Dakota  
    Stanley Ewing Indonesia  
      Specials Project Director  
    Dick Frost International Consultant  
    Chris Gardner Peru  
    David Gradner Peru  
    Dean Hamby  Director  
    Wesley Hutchins Western usa  
    Lee Young Korea  
      South Africa  
    Ben Millican Hispanic Farm Workers, Florida  
    Jerry Nye Bequia, West Indies  
      Military in Germany  
    Keith Shumaker Burkina Faso, Africa  
    John Strang Mexico  
    Charles Tinsley Cyprus  
      Spanish in USA  
    Richard Vance Printer  
    David Wade Printer  
    Thurman  Wade   Assistant Director
    Keith White Bolivia  
    Missions To Americas' Juveniles  
    Dale Burrell    
      Indian Reservation/North Dakota  
    Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry  
    Johnny Jett    
    Sand Mountain Ministries  
    General Fund Camp  
    Parker Burgess Director   Souls For Christ In North Dakota  
    Arvil Smith Home of Love Children's Home