Best Lords of the Fallen weapons

Here are all the very best Lords of the Fallen weapons to wield against any enemy in combat, with recommendations for melee and ranged attacks.

The blacksmith is able to upgrade the best

What are the best Lords of the Fallen weapons? Sure, grinding souls to gain levels in any Soulslike is one surefire way of getting stronger, but you’re only as good as the gear you wield. That’s where finding the best swords, hammers, axes, bows, and catalysts can help you overcome the odds, no matter how stacked against you they are.

Some of the Lords of the Fallen classes will give you decent weapons that will keep you going in the RPG game for a fair bit of time. However, eventually, you’ll need some better gear to take down some of the more difficult Lords of the Fallen bosses you need to beat. So if you like the sound of the game, learn more via our Lords of the Fallen review, no matter if you prefer to use a sword and board combo, to sling spells like there’s no tomorrow, or to fire a volley of arrows from afar, here are the best Lords of the Fallen weapons we’ve found so far.

What is the best Lords of the Fallen weapon?

Here are the best Lords of the Fallen weapons to use:

  • Hallowed Praise
  • Bloodlust
  • Putrid Child Sword
  • Charm of Fortune’s Sight
  • Bow of the Convert

Our experience with Lords of the Fallen will likely differ from yours, but in terms of a melee-based build, we certainly recommend mixing it with spells that augment your blade with different elements. The Poison Weapon Umbral spell, for example, will tip your blades with poison elements in addition to any it already has. While you can only coat your weapon with one element from spells or items, innate bonuses will stack.

With that in mind, here are some essential Lords of the Fallen weapons you can find on your journey across the realm of Mournstead.

The lampbearer is holding the Hallowed Praise sword, one of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons.

Hallowed Praise

This blade is a reward for beating Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds, and honestly, it’s one of the better early-game melee-build weapons. Requiring only 12 Agility points to wield properly, this combines physical damage that increases with every upgrade, as well as a set amount of holy damage. What really makes this weapon good is the reasonably high bleed stat, making it more likely that sustained hits will inflict the bleed status on your foes.

The lampbearer is holding the Bloodlust short sword, one of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons.


You can buy this one from one of the vendors, and it’s worth every soul. It’s got relatively low requirements, too, only needing Agility and Inferno stats at 13 each. Its physical damage potential is quite good at its base level, but it additionally inflicts the same amount of fire damage. On top of that, you get a rating of 60 in both bleed and burn status ailments, meaning you cover many bases whenever you hit an enemy with this weapon. These have the potential to do even more damage, and when combined with the Poison Weapon spell and several upgrades to increase its raw damage, this sword can make short work of even the toughest foes.

The lampbearer is holding the Putrid Child Sword, one of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons.

Putrid Child Sword

For something a little different, you can pick up the Putrid Child Sword as a drop from enemies in the Fief of the Chill Curse. It requires eight points in Strength and 14 points in both Radiance and Inferno, which is a significant investment. Once you do, though, you get both physical and wither-based damage that scales with each upgrade. In addition to this, you’ll inflict the frostbite status ailment if you hit enemies enough times in quick succession, which not many enemies late-game have resistance to.

The lampbearer is enchanting his sword with poison by using the Charm of Fortune's Sight, one of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons for magic users.

Charm of Fortune’s Sight

Okay, so firstly, this isn’t a weapon, but it is a catalyst, which is essential for casting magic. The main reason that we like this is that it requires only 12 for both Radiance and Inferno and yet it allows you to cast up to four different types of spells with increased spellpower damage. It’s also easily accessible, bought from Molhu in the Skyrest, making it a great way for non-magic builds to pivot should they need that extra elemental boost.

The lampbearer is firing an arrow from the Bow of the Convert, one of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons for ranged attacks.

Bow of the Convert

We’re honestly not sure when we picked up the Bow of the Convert and its additional base damage stats compared to the rest of the bows and crossbows. However, the thing that makes it stand out, besides its 16 Agility requirement, is just how many status ailments each arrow you fire can potentially inflict. Arrows are given the power to inflict 60 stacks of bleed, burn, and poison with every hit, so if you use Radiant Arrows with them, you’ll get another 80 stacks in the bleed ailment and the high physical and holy damage that arrow type offers.

The lampbearer is standing in front of a makeshift jail in the mines, where the blacksmith used to reside. You can free her so you can upgrade the best Lords of the Fallen weapons.

How to upgrade Lords of the Fallen weapons

As you descend Pilgrim’s Perch, in the area where you can ride an elevator back to the Vestige, there are several dog enemies and a knight. Kill them all and loot the area to find the prison cell key. Head for the giant cell in this area and talk to the woman there. Give her the cell key, and she’ll soon make her way to Skyrest, where she can upgrade your weapons.

With the best Lords of the Fallen weapons in hand, you should now have everything you need to cleanse all the Lords of the Fallen beacons. Another thing that will help is getting a friend to help play co-op via Lords of the Fallen multiplayer, but if they’re playing on different devices, Lords of the Fallen crossplay has a massive caveat you should be aware of ahead of time.