Free PC games – This pair of puzzlers are perfect for Portal 2 fans

QUBE and QUBE 2 are a pair of fantastic puzzle games in the style of Portal 2 that can be yours for free, so grab them while you can.

Free PC games - Screenshot from Q.U.B.E. 2 featuring a large orange platform positioned between two separated halves of a hollow sphere.

If you’re a fan of mind-bending puzzlers like Portal 2, Antichamber, and The Witness, then the QUBE games are a must-play. Setting you on a series of increasingly complex puzzle rooms in the style of Valve’s Portal games, QUBE and QUBE 2 are two of the most satisfying games I’ve played, and something I’ll recommend as a must-play for any Portal fans out there. Fortunately, you can get both as free PC games right now – so don’t hesitate.

Stylized as Q.U.B.E. and Q.U.B.E. 2 (that’s ‘Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion’ in case you were curious), the QUBE games task you with manipulating various colored blocks to navigate chambers and solve various conundrums within. They’re both fantastic puzzle games, with both rated at a ‘very positive’ 8/10 on Steam and the first game’s tenth anniversary remake currently sitting at 9/10 on the Valve store. Now you can grab both of them together as free PC games, as long as you’re quick.

I played the original QUBE when it first arrived back in 2012, being immediately taken by the sight of another brain-scratcher in the mold of games such as Portal 2, and came away immensely satisfied. The difficulty ramp up feels slick and gives you time to learn the basics, but there’s plenty of depth and variety to be found as you progress through its extensive campaign, which also features a story that will quickly have you on the edge of your seat just as effectively as games such as Portal or The Swapper.

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This free bundle includes both QUBE 2 and the QUBE tenth anniversary remake, which includes a new chapter, director’s commentary from the team at Toxic Games, and level editor, along with full RTX and DLSS support to help the game’s clinical but beautiful visuals shine even more.

The QUBE Ultimate Bundle, including QUBE 10th Anniversary and QUBE 2, is a free game via the Epic Games Store from Thursday October 12 to Thursday October 19, 2023. It’s yours to keep once you claim it. You can head here to get your copy. That’s not all, however, as this week’s deals also feature PvP pirate multiplayer game Blazing Sails available to claim for free.

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