Lords of the Fallen mimic moth guide

Take out these annoying LotF insects before they gobble up your character, and figure out whether loot is regular or from a moth mimic.

Lords of the Fallen moth mimic angler The player, once again, is eaten by a killer moth.

Is this a Moth Mimic or regular orb in Lords of the Fallen? The Lords of the Fallen Moth Mimics, also known as Anglers, are some of the most notorious enemies in the game. Picture this scenario: you’re walking down a path that’s filled with hostile creatures, and you see a glowing loot orb that you can pick up. You rush past other monsters, only to realize that the loot is actually a Moth Mimic, which then eats your character alive.

To avoid these headaches, our Lords of the Fallen Moth Mimic guide discusses how you can tell that particular item orb apart from regular loot. We also take note of the rewards that you’ll earn if you manage to kill these annoying creatures. If you’re looking to seek out other dangerous creatures, you might find our guide to the LotF bosses useful, and which of the Lords of the Fallen classes is the best to take along for the ride.

How to detect and kill Moth Mimics in Lords of the Fallen

The method to differentiate Lords of the Fallen Moth Mimics from regular loot is surprisingly simple: just look at the curvature and movement of the orb’s glowing light. You can see an example below that shows a regular loot orb:

The player looks at a glowing orb with a light that slightly curves.

As you can see, the shiny orb has a wispy trail of light that’s only slightly curved. It doesn’t move as much, which means that it’s safe to pick up.

Now, as for Moth Mimic orbs, they’re quite different. The light bends sharply, akin to a C-shaped or S-shaped curve. You can see an example in the image below:

Lords of the Fallen moth mimic: The player looks at a glowing orb with a light that curves sharply, almost akin to a C-shaped formation.

Why are Moth Mimics dangerous?

The Lords of the Fallen Moth Mimics are extremely dangerous for several reasons:

  • You need to pay attention to the glowing light’s animations and movement – Those familiar with the more traditional Mimic would know that certain clues can be readily seen. For instance, the Treasure Chest Mimics in Dark Souls have a chain that’s positioned differently.
  • In Lords of the Fallen, the Moth Mimics require you to look closely at a loot orb for several seconds just to be certain of the light’s animation and movement. This can be problematic, especially in areas where there are lots of enemies and you need to make a run for it.
  • Randomized locations – Moth Mimics tend to be present in various areas, often in random locations. As such, it’s possible to get grabbed and eaten by one in a plaza, only for the same thing to happen if you stumbled upon once that’s waiting inside a nearby building. Likewise, dying and respawning does change their locations sometimes, so you might assume that an orb in another area is safe even if it isn’t.
  • Deaths in the Umbral when surrounded by enemies – Lastly, Moth Mimics that gobble up your character while in the Axiom realm will instantly switch you to the Umbral realm (which automatically withers part of your HP). If you’re already surrounded by numerous foes, an errant hit can spell your doom, leaving you no choice but to do a “corpse run” to retrieve your lost vigor/souls.

Lords of the Fallen Moth Mimic: The player manages to flay the soul of a moth creature, slaying it instantly.

How to kill Moth Mimics in Lords of the Fallen

The good news is that you can kill Moth Mimics in Lords of the Fallen, assuming you do know that a loot orb is just there to trick you. To do this, simply bring out your Umbral Lamp by pressing Ctrl, then right-click for the Soulflay action. This will pull the Moth Mimic even if it’s not targeted, killing it instantly.

Killing Moth Mimics rewards you with items such as:

  • Charmed Paw – A consumable that increases the drop rate of items from slain enemies.
  • Vestige Moth – A consumable that teleports you to the last used vestige or seedling waypoint.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to tell apart Moth Mimic loot from regular loot in Lords of the Fallen. There are countless dangers that lurk in every corner of Mournstead, so you best be prepared. Don’t forget to check out our guides on the best Lords of the Fallen weapons and the Lords of the Fallen beacons, to be fully prepared.