MW3 Season 1 release date window, modes, and more details

The Modern Warfare 3 season 1 release date is on the way, giving you just enough time to settle into the latest game before MW3 season 1 kicks off.

A Warzone operator aims his gun in Rust, one of the MW3 maps, ready for the Modern Warfare 3 season 1 release date.

When is the MW3 Season 1 release date? The latest installment in the Call of Duty series is creeping up on us already, and hordes of fans are already getting involved in open beta weekends. While there’s a lot to learn in the first few days of any new Call of Duty game, impatient players are already asking when they can expect to see seasonal content drops.

Historically, the first season of modern Call of Duty games usually arrives about one month after the main game’s release. Last year’s MW2 was released on October 28, while season 1 followed on November 16 just two and half weeks later. Sure, there’s plenty to keep you busy without the need for additional content, but once you’ve no-lifed the Modern Warfare 3 campaign and started to get to grips with the best MW3 guns, there’s nothing better than starting up a new battle pass in the FPS game. Here’s what we know about the Modern Warfare 3 season 1 release date window.

Five operators, including Price and Ghost, ready up for the MW3 season one release date.

MW3 season 1 release date window

We know the MW3 season 1 release date will be sometime in December 2023, but Sledgehammer has yet to reveal an exact date. The Modern Warfare 3 season 1 release date coincides with the release of the next iteration of Warzone on the same day.

We know that Warzone and MW3 season 1 are due in December thanks to official confirmation in a Call of Duty blog post, however, the month-long window has yet to be narrowed down.

What we do know for sure is that the new Warzone and MW3 season 1 drop at the same time across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. We’re dropping back into the Modern Warfare 3 beta this weekend, and we’ve got our ears very close to the ground on this one, so we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we get that release date in our crosshairs.

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Modern Warfare 3 season one details

Given that there’s no confirmed date yet and we’re all focused on the initial Modern Warfare 3 release date, we don’t know which maps and MW3 game modes will be added right away. We do know, as confirmed during the CoD Next event on October 5, 2023, that there will be three new 6v6 maps added at the start of season 1. Expect more content to arrive in future seasons, including a mix of brand-new locations and classic CoD maps.

For the time being, we recommend jumping into MW2 season 6 to grab the last available blueprints and exclusive weapons. Thanks to the Modern Warfare 3 carry forward feature, you’ll be able to bring your weapons and attachments from MW2 into the new game.

That’s all we know about the MW3 season 1 release date window so far. We’ll keep updating this guide with more details as they trickle in, including new blueprints, new MW3 multiplayer maps, and which operators you can unlock in the battle pass.