Win one of ten copies of Jackbox Party Pack 10

Gather your mates online or in person to enjoy one of the best party game series of all time if you win one of our Jackbox Party Pack 10 giveaway codes.

A brain from Hypnotorious, one of the games in the Jackbox Party Pack 10 giveaway.

A global pandemic forced us social gamers online and reminded us just how much fun it is to play silly games together for laughs. One of the most accessible game series’ during that period was the hit Jackbox series, which can be played online or in person, making it the perfect party game for any occasion. We’ve had many a hilarious night with Jackbox games, and one of our favorite minigames gets a reboot in Jackbox Party Pack 10 alongside four new games, and we’re offering you the chance to get them all for free.

Yep, we’ve got ten codes available for the upcoming Jackbox Party Pack 10, which is set for release on October 19, 2023. The fun, slapstick series of party games has such a huge fan base that Jackbox Games just can’t be stopped. Each Party Pack contains five separate games, comprising puzzle games, trivia games, social deduction games, and more. Every round is super fast, but each game has great replayability, so it’s up to you whether you try all five in one go or just keep trying the same game until you’re the best.

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So which five games are in Jackbox Party Pack 10? Well, if you’re familiar with the series, you might already know Tee K.O, which returns in Party Pack 10 as Tee K.O. 2, and once again pits your ridiculous t-shirt designs against each other in a fight.

Four new, equally ridiculous games then join the roster in this new bundle. Fixytext is a bit like a chaotic group text where all your words combine to make one nonsensical block of text, and what you’re writing needs to be the most memorable and valuable addition to the copy. Then, there’s Hypnotorious, in which each player is ‘hypnotised’ (not really) into thinking they’re a different creature or object, and you must guess what each other is. Think 20 questions, but sillier. Some of the best Jackbox games are trivia games, and Timejinx covers that base, as you take on the role of time travellers asking questions about the past to save your own timeline. Finally, Dodo Re Mi is a co-op rhythm game – which of your peers has the ability to cooperate in time?

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Here’s the best bit about Jackbox Party Pack 10, though… Only one player needs to own the game. You, as (hopefully) the winner of one of our codes, can host a game with your friends in-person or online by giving everyone a secret room code. They enter this code on a browser on their PC or mobile device and are thrown into your lobby. Easy as that. Got too many friends for the lobby? No worries, extras can even spectate with the same room code.

PCGN – The Jackbox Party Pack 10 giveaway

This competition is only open until October 20, 2023, and naturally you should get your entries in ASAP, but if you’re not familiar with the series and are reading this before October 16 you can test out the Jackbox Party Pack 10 demo on Steam, as it’s one of our favorite Steam Next Fest games. If you’re not one of the lucky ten, you might find some of the ten Jackbox packs available in the next Steam sale, so keep your eyes on those discounts, especially in the run-up to Christmas – you’re gonna need something to keep the family from bickering.